Dan Bilzerian States It Is ’Time to Get Back in Crypto’

Dan Bilzerian shares a tweet with his substantial Twitter following, claiming that it is ”time to get back into crypto”. This comes as many are starting to believe that the recent dip in cryptocurrency prices has bottomed out, and is now returning to growth. Dan Bilzerian has previous experience trading cryptocurrency and has divulged that he made significant gains during the increase in the price of Bitcoin during 2017.

The American professional poker player turned internet personality is notorious for his lavish lifestyle. Moreover, he is often referred to as the ”King of Instagram”, due to the sizable following Bilzerian has amassed on the photo-sharing service. He has also got a large following on Twitter, to which he tweeted out advice that it is now ”time to get back in crypto”.

This comes following a period of relative decline in the cryptocurrency market, compared to the astronomic growth experienced by Bitcoin and its ilk during 2017. However, the last week has seen Bitcoin rise from around $7000 to nearly $9000, potentially signaling a shift in market sentiment.

Many are arguing that this is the beginning of a return to an upward Bitcoin price trend, and Bilzerian’s statement certainly ties into these predictions. Furthermore, Bilzerian is no newcomer to the cryptocurrency sphere. In May of 2017, Bilzerian publicly revealed that he had turned his gaze to Bitcoin, and has bought a ”shitload” of coin tokens. Following this, he divulged that his holdings were mainly composed of Bitcoin, however, his portfolio also included Ether, Monero and Bitcoin Cash.

In addition to this, Dan Bilzerian’s brother Adam has also got some experience trading cryptocurrency. Adam has reportedly renounced his US citizenship, after having purchased a passport and citizenship on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and Nevis. Roger Ver, an investor known as ”Bitcoin Jesus”, is advertising the opportunity for other high-net-worth individuals to purchase a part of a Marriott development in the island nation. This will allow cryptocurrency investors to benefit from the lax tax regulations in St. Kitts and Nevis.

In addition to Bilzerian’s comments, other investment gurus are also flagging that Bitcoin might see significant price increases before the end of 2018. Pantera Capital, Fundstrat Global Advisors, as well as widely known cryptocurrency investors John McAfee and Tim Draper, are joining those predicting an upcoming rise in the price of Bitcoin.

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