Developing Credibility as an Online Cryptocurrency Trader

Developing Credibility as a Online Cryptocurrency Trader

Cryptocurrency is heralded as one of the most interesting and lucrative opportunities for someone to take advantage of. However, it’s also seen as very unstable and risky. While there are tons of people who are willing to dive into the deep end to learn, there are many others who write off cryptocurrency as a get-rich-quick scheme. If you’ve been enamored with the cryptocurrency market, it’s always great to develop a group of like-minded individuals. You all can support each other in your efforts to learn more about cryptocurrency and investment strategies. Consider the following ways you can gain credibility as an online trader and develop a community of your own.

Defining Your Approach: Conservative vs. Risky

Before you launch yourself into the digital world, do some internal work. Ask yourself the questions that you know people will typically ask. Consider the type of trader you are. Are you conservative or do you love taking lots of risks? How methodical are you in the trading and investing processes? Think about your daily routine. Consider what your own research process entails. If people ask you these questions and you don’t have answers, you’re going to come across as someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. This is the last thing you want to do when you’re trying to gain credibility. Don’t be afraid to go inward to ask yourself these reflective questions. If you don’t have answers immediately, work on these areas. However, if you’d like to promote yourself as a trader who is literally learning the ropes in real time, you can take that angle. That’s always an option for a beginner who wants to commit to the journey. As you grow, your followers can grow along with you. When you create content, always communicate that whatever you’re doing is for you. You’re not telling people what to do. You’re simply showing them your results. You don’t want to get yourself entangled in a messy legal battle with a random follower who took your word as factual information.

Developing a Track Record

You’ll want to develop a track record of consistent results. If you’re positioning yourself as someone who people should trust, you’ll want to make sure you have put in the time. If you have the results to back up your credibility, more people are more likely to trust you. Remember that you’re building a brand on the internet. There are tons of people who look at the internet as a sea of professional scammers and influencers who claim they know what they are doing. When you operate with integrity at a consistent rate, you’ll be able to separate yourself from the pack of internet wolves who prey on overly-trusting people.


You’ll be able to gain visibility by using different platforms to get your message across. Teaching people with a podcast is a great option to consider. People will be able to listen to your content when they’re on the road, on the treadmill or cooking in the kitchen. On the other hand, there are plenty of people who’d prefer to see what you’re doing and watch you teach. This is why YouTube can be such an effective platform to take advantage of. Do your research to learn more about the right keywords to use in order to attract the audience you’re looking for. Develop a great social media presence. Think about the target audience you’re trying to reach. When you determine which platform you’d like to use, do your research regarding the best times to post. 

Supportive Efforts

In addition to developing an online presence, consider creating supplemental resources in order to showcase your experience and knowledge. You can do this by writing excellent books, writing articles and doing collaborative efforts. When it comes to writing books, you can partner with a ghostwriter to produce the content without physically sitting down to write the book. You can also do the audio version first. Then, hire a transcriber to get the audio version into print form. Also, when you’re working on different books, you can sell them with the use of online platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. These two major retailers will help you get your book in front of a ton of interested readers. Article writing is a great way to gain more visibility and credibility because it shows your dedication to the topic of cryptocurrency. Take a look at the various publications you’re interested in writing for. Get a better grasp on their writing style. Then, craft your message in a way that’ll fit their style and appease their audience. This increases your chances of getting an accepted submission. Don’t get discouraged if different publications decline your work. It’s a part of the process. Eventually, someone will accept it. Consider a range of online publications. Aim for really large online news sources like CNN and the Huffington Post. It’s also good to aim for smaller online new sources like hobby bloggers within the cryptocurrency niche.

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