DeVere Launches A New Crypto Fund

DeVere Launches A New Crypto Fund

News broke yesterday, November 2nd, that deVere Group has officially launched an actively managed cryptocurrency solution.

Who is the deVere group?

DeVere Group is one of the world’s leading independent financial advisory organisations, with more than $10 billion under advice from over 80,000 clients in 100 countries. On their website they state:

“We help our clients, who are primarily expatriates and international investors, reach and often exceed their financial goals. Working closely with them, we devise, implement and manage bespoke financial strategies and solutions that help them create, grow and maximise their wealth.”

“Cryptocurrencies are part of the mainstream finance”, Nigel Green.

In a press release on Thursday, deVere Group announced that the new investment solution, called deVere Digital Asset Funds, is being in partnership the Dubai-based prominent fund manager Dalma Capital Management. The fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of digital assets via algorithmic trading over different platforms – including crypto-currency exchanges and OTC markets – as well as arbitrage opportunities. Nigel Green, the founder and CEO explains:

“Through a ground-breaking algorithmic system, when the price of one asset, for instance, Bitcoin or Ethereum, is greater on one platform than on another, the opportunity is identified to generate profit from the difference of price across platforms. These trades, referred to as arbitrage, allow profits to be generated with little or no directional market risk.”

The deVere Digital Asset Platform is to be showcased at the forthcoming Alternative Investment Management (AIM) Summit taking place in Dubai on 26-27 November at the Ritz Carlton hotel. Nigel is very positive about cryptocurrencies in general and argues that cryptocurrencies are undeniably part of the mainstream finance and that the crypto market is expanding considerably.

Mr Green concludes and states that:

“We’re confident due to our custom-developed platform, which analyses market data and suggests rebalancing that’s best suited for the current market will be a market leading investment solution in the digital currency space.

Nigel has earlier stated that he thinks that cryptocurrencies will gain over 5 000 per cent during the coming decade. Bitcoin, however, might not be the cryptocurrency that gains the most since new projects and upgrades will potentially take market shares from bitcoin. Green bases his predictions on that a growing number of major institutional and retail investors, as well as financial institutions and regulators, amongst others, understand that cryptocurrencies are the future of money. For those reasons, the market will have grown beyond recognition when Bitcoin celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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