Ethereum is Being Used to Circumvent Government Censorship in China to Warn Against Ineffective Vaccines

Ethereum is Being Used to Circumvent Government Censorship in China to Warn Against Ineffective Vaccines

China was recently struck by a scandal involving one of the country’s big pharmaceutical companies. The scandal erupted when officials in the Jilin province found that Changsheng Biotechnology Co. had sold over 250’000 faulty rabies vaccines intended for children. The investigation is still ongoing, and the extension of it could eventually be tied to even more vaccines.

The faulty vaccines have not been tied to any deaths yet, but the story is similar to previous scandals that have happened in China, the most notorious one being the 2008 Chinese milk scandal.

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A lengthy and detailed post on the issue, written by an anonymous person going by the handle “Beast”, went viral on the Chinese social media network WeChat but was swiftly removed by government censors. However, some users used the Ethereum blockchain to archive the post for people to read. Since the Ethereum blockchain is tamperproof, the ability of any government to remove it is practically impossible.

Chinese internet users have also previously used the Ethereum blockchain to circumvent censorship. In April it was used to preserve another post that was removed by governments censors regarding the Shenyang Incident, which was a sexual assault case involving faculty members of the Peking University.

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