‘Ethereum Killer’ TRON’s Mainnet Activated

Tron will finally enjoy its freedom in its independent public blockchain. The so-called ‘Independence Day’ of Tron was successfully activated yesterday, the 25th of June when the mainnet was launched.

Tron has been part of Ethereum’s blockchain since September 2017, and now will transition itself to its very own blockchain. It initiated with a beta version on May 31st where developers took four weeks to move the standard ERC-20 standard tokens to the new network.

ERC-20 tokens are designed for use in the Ethereum platform and have been a breakthrough for many emerging cryptocurrencies. However recently there have been problems of ERC-20 being destroyed unintentionally when used as a payment for a smart contract.

There was a 12-hour live stream which allowed Tron’s community and stakeholders to witness one of the most historic moments for Tron.

The founder of Tron, Justin Sun appeared in an official press conference on June 25th, 2018, 10:00 GMT wherein he announced the good news to the crypto world.  Sun announced-

“TRON has completed token migration from ERC20 to mainnet. The community consensus initiated the TRON network and generated the Genesis block, which signifies TRON’s official independence. TRON is now one of the most competitive major public chains in the world.”

Tron has challenged Ethereum’s claim to be the best in decentralized application development. Tron’s developers have even boasted confidently about Ethereum’s slow pace, with Tron being ‘400 times faster.’

At the press release, Sun also stressed the importance of Tron’s independence by stating-

“TRON’s independence paves the way for a community governance mechanism that is based on democratic election. It will bring the notion of ‘popular sovereignty and natural rights of the token’ to life and provide support for all developers within TRON’s ecosystem. This is how we will realize TRON’s vision of a truly decentralized Internet.”

A few days ago, Tron was facing a backlash from the Researchers from Digital Asset Research (DAR). The researchers published an article stating that Tron has plagiarized its code from several cryptocurrency projects including Ethereum.

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