Apple Co-Founder – Ethereum Has the Potential to be the Next Apple

Ethereum Potential

Steve Wozniak is staying on top of the headlines as more of his predictions from the WeAreDevelopers conference in Vienna emerge. The tech-guru has given his endorsement to the Ethereum project, boldly stating it has the power to be as successful as Apple over the long term.

Wozniak was speaking to an audience of 5,000 in Vienna when he gave his thoughts on the subject. Because there is the potential to build innumerable apps and smart contract solutions on the Ethereum blockchain, its potential could be the same as the company Wozniak co-founded and fundamentally shaped the way we see technology today.

“Ethereum interests me because it can do things and because it’s a platform.”

However, as Apple currently has a market cap of $921 billion, Ethereum has a long way to go before it can contend – its market cap is currently around $68 billion.

Wozniak also revealed his personal reservations about Facebook and Google, saying he has now quit the former and distrusts the latter, due to recent ‘mis-steps’.

This is the second time in as many days that Wozniak has made the news with his perspective. He also gave his thoughts on bitcoin during the WeAreDevelopers conference, saying that he expected it would achieve its full potential in a decade.

Wozniak did reveal however that he has only 1 bitcoin, and 2 ether of his own left – after having had $60,000 worth of bitcoin stolen in February and selling off the remainder of his stock. He revealed he is keeping his small holdings in order to ‘test’ paying for things in future.

The Apple co-founder, although no longer officially working for the company, is still a great ambassador for the company. He is revered within the tech industry and his views on cryptocurrencies will certainly boost their credibility in the estimations of many

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