Fifty Shades of Blockchain: Twitter Bot Combines Blockchain Whitepaper Jargon with Dialogue from the Erotic Novel

Fifty Shades of Blockchain Twitter Bot Combines Blockchain Whitepaper Jargon with Dialogue from the Erotic Novel

Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer has created another exciting cryptocurrency related project. The project is a Twitter Bot called @blockshade which brings in the lustful dialogues from the romantic novel Fifty Shades of Grey with a mix of Blockchain and cryptocurrency jargons.

Dogecoin started off as a joke on December 2013 with the famous ‘Doge’ internet meme as the logo. The joke turned into an online sensation with an unbelievable capitalization of US$ 60 million by January 2014.

Fifty Shades of Grey changed the definition of romance with the first publication releasing in 2011 and selling over 125 million copies in four years.

On explaining how Jackson Palmer created the bot, he said he “forced a bot to read Fifty Shades of Grey and a ton of cryptocurrency whitepapers and then asked it to tweet some blockchain fanfic.”

However, handpicking the specific tweets was not easy as many of the tweets did not make sense. The whole concept of an automated text generator is based on a Markov chain model.

The Markov chain model is named after Andrey Markov and is a mathematical system which goes from one state or set of value to another. One very popular example if the PageRank system of Google.

Palmer is also open to more suggestions and crazier tweets.

Tweets from the @blockshade bot include-

The bot is reaching the 4000 follower mark, with a lot of encouragement from the crypto fans in the social media world.

Dogecoin has been active in athletic sponsorships in recent times. For example, Dogecoin sponsored NASCAR racer Josh Wise in return for Dogecoin branding. With the sex bot chirping on Twitter, sponsorships on adult stars may be nearing.

Do you think Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin will succeed in making the seductive bot meant as a joke viral like Dogecoin? Let us know!

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