Financial Comparison Sites Start to List Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Financial Comparison Sites Start to List Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A growing number of large comparison websites are now starting to introduce support for cryptocurrency exchanges within their price analysis tools. This is allowing consumers to get a more comprehensive overview of different cryptocurrency exchanges, to find which one suits them the best.

Just one of these pioneers is the financial price comparison service Financer. As such, it is rapidly becoming easier than ever to find the best deals for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Comparison Sites Are Taking Over The Web (With The Help of Google)

However, this development should not come as a surprise to anyone keeping an eye on the latest online trends. Increased digitization has precipitated a massive rise in comparison sites, and changed how consumers choose everything from energy providers to insurance firms.

Nevertheless, comparison websites for financial products have arguably had the biggest impact of them all. These comparison websites empower consumers and give them easy, online access to the tools needed to navigate the murky waters of financial products.

Moreover, the popularity of financial price comparison websites has not gone unnoticed. Big media companies are already ramping up efforts to launch their own price comparison websites focused on financial products.

Just one example of this is the deal recently signed between MyTaste Group (owned by Optimizer Invest) and the major Swedish newspaper Expressen. Such high-profile partnerships related to price comparisons can be considered to further validate the growing importance of these websites.

Traditionally, financial price comparison websites have mainly focused on providing consumers with guidance for financial products such as loans, insurances, savings accounts or credit cards.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Comparison Websites – The Next Big Thing?

Despite this, no discussion in 2019 regarding financial products would be complete without a mention of cryptocurrencies. As such, financial product comparison websites are increasingly beginning to adopt support for cryptocurrency comparisons as well.

One example of this is Financer, which provides comprehensive online financial product comparison tools for everything from traditional loans to cryptocurrency exchanges.

The company started out comparing in 2015 and by now already exists in 26 markets, spread out over four different continents. Furthermore, Financer has amassed an impressive one million in monthly organic traffic globally, which serves as a testament to the international demand for this type of financial comparison site.

However, this is in no way a unique story. The surge of public interest in virtual currencies experienced during the past two years will undoubtedly entail a growing need for financial cryptocurrency-related comparison tools.

Consumers need to – and should – have easy access to comparing the costs of financial services, whether that is which loan provider to choose or from what cryptocurrency exchange one should purchase cryptocurrencies.

As such, cryptocurrency exchange comparison websites will likely keep on becoming more common. This is especially true seeing as they can likely help you minimize your costs – no matter whether you’re a seasoned cryptocurrency trader or a beginner.

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