Fortnite’s Merchandise Store ”Retail Row” Now Accepts Monero Payments

Fortnite’s Merchandise Store ”Retail Row” Now Accepts Monero Payments

You would have to have been living under a rock for the past year in order not to have heard of Fortnite – the ”Battle Royale” video game which has swept the world by storm. Now, Monero has tweeted that Fortnite’s merchandise store has started ”exclusively” accepting the cryptocurrency Monero as a payment option.

Monero payments processed through GloBee

More specifically, it would appear that Epic Games, the studio behind the online gaming phenomenon, has partnered with GloBee. GloBee is a cryptocurrency payments service that enables retailers to accept digital currencies.

Furthermore, GloBee has been integrated into ”Retail Row” – Fortnite’s own merchandise store. However, although GloBee offers support for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Litecoin, Monero is currently the only cryptocurrency supported.

The news that Fortnite would introduce support for cryptocurrency payments, if only using Monero, received widespread praise when it broke. Fortnite is a smash-hit, which reportedly touts a massive 125 million players globally.

Moreover, the success of Fortnite propelled the valuation of Epic Games to a staggering $15 billion this October. It is, therefore, understandable that cryptocurrency users are exciting regarding the prospects this integration might bring.

One commenter on Reddit stated that this type of integration is exactly what constitutes ”real adoption.” In addition, he also argued that Fortnite’s integration of Monero support will bring ”actual real, tangible, and publicly verifiable consequences.”

Future support for other cryptocurrencies entirely possible

As a result, even those who are not fans of Fortnite should be intrigued what effects this support might bring. Moreover, it is also entirely possible that Retail Row will receive future updates, bringing support for other cryptocurrencies.

This is especially likely seeing as GloBee already support other cryptocurrencies in addition to Monero.

However, this is not the first cryptocurrency-related news regarding Fortnite to come out. The cybersecurity firm, Malwarebytes, uncovered in October that some malware scammers were attempting to target Fortnite gamers’ Bitcoin wallet addresses.

More specifically, such fraudulent actors were trying to infect devices with malicious malware downloads. These downloads supposedly promised a free version of Fortnite’s season six and cheats, but were actually loaded with code intended for data theft.

Nevertheless, this recent news of Monero being accepted as a payment option is undoubtedly more positive news. It remains to be seen whether GloBee and Epic Games unlock other cryptocurrency payment alternatives through GloBee in the future.

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