Fresh Roadmap Shows Libra Nodes Already Live on “Pre-Mainnet”

Fresh Roadmap Shows Libra Nodes Already Live on “Pre-Mainnet”

A recent roadmap for Facebook’s digital currency Libra shows that its development is progressing rapidly. Specifically, this new roadmap includes some updates on the nodes for the Libra protocol.

Roadmap details Libra development

This update came on October 2nd, directly from the Libra Foundation. Furthermore, those watching the project may know that Libra is currently running as a testnet. This is being done in order to allow Libra to overcome any and all technical difficulties before the Libra mainnet launch.

Furthermore, the update states that Calibra continues to develop Libra Core “heavily” on GitHub. In addition to this, the latest update also includes two different guides for developers looking to work with Libra and the Libra network.

Moreover, the above image shows the roadmap for the Libra mainnet and its ongoing development. Although generic, this roadmap shows that Libra’s “pre-mainnet” will eventually give way to the actual Libra Mainnet. Furthermore, the update also details Testnet advancements:

“Launching the Testnet has allowed the team to quickly improve Libra Core by making it easy to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve software edge cases. The Testnet demonstrates Libra network functionality and provides early access to developers.”

Libra nodes currently being deployed

Although the mainnet launch still lack an official launch date, the project appears to be progressing rapidly. Furthermore, the update also notes that the Libra Foundation tracks the progress of the project with “how many of the deployed nodes are managed by different partners”.

These nodes will also run on a “mixture of on-premises and cloud hosted infrastructure”. Additionally, the Libra Foundation notes that a wide variety of different partners – and a “wide diversity of infrastructure – will make the Libra network more resilient.

Moreover, the Libra developers have also reportedly created a “pre-mainnet”. This development environment is only accessible to partners, and partner nodes to connect the different developers with each other. 

At this point, several partners have reportedly deployed their nodes, and more are “coming online shortly”.

“We expect to have more partners coming online shortly. We want to ensure the Libra network can meet rigorous performance benchmarks and overall system stability before opening access.”

 The entire Libra development update contains a number of interesting tidbits regarding the Libra progress being made. For example, it goes into things like Validator Reconfiguration, Waypoints, more information on Libra Protocol Definition, Full Nodes and other information. If this sounds interesting, be sure to check out the full September Libra Developer Update

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