Google Adds Ethereum Blockchain Dataset to its Massive Data Analytics Platform

Google Adds Ethereum Blockchain Dataset to its Massive Data Analytics Platform

Google is known to be one of the most active technological giants, and the most prominent search engine has officially stepped into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency era with an addition of Ethereum to its BigQuery platform.

Google expressed the news on their official blog stating-

“Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have captured the imagination of technologists, financiers, and economists. Digital currencies are only one application of the underlying blockchain technology. Earlier this year, we made the Bitcoin dataset publicly available for analysis in Google BigQuery. Today we’re making the Ethereum dataset available.”

The data of the Ethereum blockchain is in the dataset and updated daily. It will help create a better business infrastructure and ensure improvements in the Ethereum architecture such as preparation of updates. Hence the Ethereum Blockchain information available in Google cloud will help ease accessibility of the information stored.

BigQuery according to Google will maintain Ethereum’s API functions such as checking transaction statuses, and information about the wallet. Many public Blockchains like CoinMarketCap and Bittrex have APIs for analyzing crypto markets however they too provide a minimal amount of data, which Google will help enlarge.

Another interesting feature is a software developed by Google on Google Cloud which can synchronize the Ethereum blockchain in PC’s running Parity. It will perform an extraction of data from Ethereum blockchain ledger and store data to BigQuery for exploration.

Google provided an example of the popular Ethereum based game CryptoKitties. Data was collected on accounts that own at least 10 CryptoKitties and their fitness.

Google has a similar tool for the Bitcoin blockchain, which was released in February this year. It created a system of visualizing transactions and extracting relevant information from the Blockchain ledger.

Google’s interest in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency includes Google’s co-founder and president Sergey Brin mining Ethereum along with his son on their gaming PC.

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