Great Investment Ideas for 2020 and Beyond

Great Investment Ideas for 2020 and Beyond

The future is unknown as we keep growing economically, financially, and technology-wise. We have a wide variety of things coming out in the years to come and just what these ideas are may surprise you. With brand-new businesses starting up and new stocks coming in yearly we are very excited for great investments you can involve yourself in.

There are many businesses to start thinking about investing in. First, you need to start thinking about all the things that are possible. Same with stocks options; a great idea would be to keep an eye out and see which are slowly rising and which have a great chance of being more popular from next year to beyond.

There will be many things to start investing in as soon as these entries come into fruition. A great idea would be to research, look, and start investing in things that will soon be very lucrative in the future as the technology becomes more viable in day to day activities. Otherwise, if you would like to start on a smaller scale, a good idea is to consider investing with Personal Capital. Check out the reviews of personal capital and decide for yourself if this investing platform is the right one for you.  The main advantage to investing using a robo-platform like this one is the AI program advises you how to diversify your investments.  

Future Businesses ideal for Investing

With countless possibilities for the future, many different business ideas have started coming out that you may not have thought possible. Below we have listed a few possible ventures you might want to start investing in soon to get a leg up financially. This list is for those of you that are looking for something other than the current public favorite like cryptocurrency, to invest in. 

3D Printing Shops

Since 3D printers have been around, the idea has arisen regarding the possibility of printing things at low cost. With the outbreak of 3D printers, this has all been possible. With housing, prosthetic bones, and even tools have all been 3D printed all at a lower cost than the original versions. Even if you need a simple cup, you can print that as well. 

With a quicker and easier manner of obtaining objects that are vitally needed is a benefit whereas the downside would be the long procedure of objects first going through factories. It has been projected that soon 3D printers will hold all major printing for such household products to make life easier and cheaper.

Stem Cell Shops/Pharmacy

The possibilities of stem cells are amazing; the idea of being able to regenerate and heal using stem cells is extraordinary. Not only is the idea amazing, but the possibility is only a couple of years away. This would move a lot of healing away from medication and more onto stem cells.

Stem cells have been shown to have the ability to help a lot with diseases and surgical recovery. Soon hospitals and pharmacies will be filled with stem cells instead of medication leading the way for a more natural form of healing.

Tissue Regeneration and Prosthetics

With a few of the above-mentioned businesses, the manufacturing of body parts could soon be on the table soon as well because of stem cells, as well as, 3D printing. You may be worried as to where the body parts are coming from but with the help of science and stem cells; you will be given something to help your own body re-grow its parts. 

Companies have already begun with this type of work; the idea, for instance, would be to help you to heal tendons from tissue belonging to other tendons. With fiber that is thinner than hair, your tendons are surgically stitched together to help grow your damaged tissue. The idea to grow your own body part with help from another is what drives many to start investing in these kinds of ventures today.

Bottled Air

You may think that this is ridiculous, but it honestly is not. The high amount of pollution in the air due to things like increased deforestation and global warming, air will soon become a valuable commodity. With bottled water making over $10 billion a year, you will soon see bottled air for sale. Places like China have such bad pollution, that clean air is supplied to all hotel rooms for tourists who cannot handle the low amount of breathable air. 

There are companies that supply such a thing already since the 90s.This venture has been underway and there are still companies that have a target of supplying air to athletes in carriers. This boosts their oxygen intake and the oxygen in the blood for them to perform a whole lot better.

Asteroid Mining

Due to the existence of space expeditions that have been around for quite some time, and NASA continuing to explore the vastness of space for materials from other planets and celestial bodies. Our moon, for instance, has provided interesting specimens. This venture is interested in objects that can be found in space and brought back to Earth. The value of these rare materials and metals will be pivotal in the growth of our economy.

Every resource we have on earth is finite but there is an infinite amount of materials in space that could be used and even needed. There will be a vast amount of money to be made from this which is why it is a great idea into looking for companies that will soon be working to obtain this goal.

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