How Can Blockchain Transform the Education System?

How can the blockchain transform the educational system?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are gaining momentum for quite some time now. Bitcoin is indeed pioneering the virtual currency scenario, yet the most interesting aspect is the network characteristics of the blockchain. The network of blockchain is essentially an open, decentralized database that allows the data to be shared in a highly secure manner. 

The main advantage is that the entire community that it is shared with can easily verify the data. In spite of the fact, that blockchain is a relatively new concept, users can find a place to buy an essayto understand the nuances of the same. Such an essay proves to be a great help to understand exactly what a blockchain is. In order to understand the true significance of the blockchain education, it is imperative to first get thorough with blockchain. Users can either buy an essay or get them from essay writing websites to get an in-depth knowledge of the concept. Blockchain has enormous potential of radically changing the education system. Here are some ways in which blockchain can revolutionize the education system:

1. Security

Data security is one of the prime concerns when it comes to any industry. This becomes even more important when it pertains to children of a very young age. Parents are deeply concerned about the data security of the childrenand want to ensure that the systems in place in schools are infallible. Blockchain can play a tremendous role in this arena. Blockchain can easily keep the data secured and provides a system, which can be accessed only by the authorized people, which may be the parents as well as the children themselves. The selective access will eliminate data breaching, that’s proving to be a major hurdle.

2. Safety

Blockchain can easily be integrated into the security system of the children. This even extends to the transportation network for the children of very young ages. Schools can easily upload all the data pertaining to the children on an open, decentralized database that is shared with parents along with the administrative staff. This will enable parents to keep a tab on the location of their children, the drivers of the school buses along with the times of their reaching home.

3. E-resume

When it comes to the professional front, the graduate, as well as undergraduate students, tend to lie on their resumes with their skill sets. This can be extremely misleading for all potential employers. Blockchain proves to be a good and efficient remedy for the scene. By incorporating all the achievements and the traits that the candidate has on a blockchain network, it can be easily shared with the recruiters. This will eliminate the breach of information or any other security concerns. Blockchain can be used to keep a track record of all the achievements along with academic as well as non-academy contributions of a candidate. This can then be shared with the potential recruiters. What makes this database unique is that it can be used to enlist even the most trivial achievements as well, which may be left from a regular resume. The database can be easily shared with the potential recruiters who are authorized to avail the same. This enables both schools as well as the potential recruiters to have a common ground for verifications. Potential employers can easily pick out the employees that match their specific requirements most accurately without losing any time.

4. Degree fraud

In addition to the above requirements blockchain can also be used to distribute the diplomas amongst the students. But rendering the students with their degrees through a blockchain activated network, the administrative staff of the school is relieved of doing the same in the physical sense. Moreover, many students tend to lie about the degrees and qualificationsto the potential recruiters. But by using blockchain for degree distribution, schools can easily eliminate this hurdle.

5. Fee structure

Finally, even bitcoin can play a massive role in modernizing the education system. Many universes have already begun to accept payment of the tuition fee in bitcoin. This provides a highly safe, secure, modern and convenient system of payment of fees and is expected to become popular among schools soon with more acceptances of bitcoins.

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