How CompTIA A+ Certification and Its Exam 220-901 Exam Help Influence Your Career

How CompTIA A+ Certification and Its Exam 220-901 Exam Help Influence Your Career

CompTIA A+ certification is preferred by organizations and companies who hire IT professionals for technical support and various IT operations. It is to some extent about PC repair but not the complete thing. CompTIA A+ certified candidates are prepared thoroughly to solve problems by troubleshooting them. These IT professionals are capable of dealing with a varied range of issues starting from networking, security, mobile devices to operating systems. They are also able to support and bridge users to data required completing their jobs successfully. This is done irrespective of the device in use. CompTIA A+ certification is considered an essential criterion in the present era to be hired by most of the IT firms.

Irrespective of their size most of these firms look for candidates with CompTIA A+ certification. This certification is used by the hiring manager to validate one’s expertise, and nearly 90 percent of the organizations are considering this presently. This figure and statistic have been proved through various surveys and research.

CompTIA A+ Certification 220-901 exam includes hardware troubleshooting, networking, Computer peripherals, computer hardware, and network connection problems. 220-901 exam comprises of 90 questions which are set up in the multiple choice format. Some questions have single answers while others have multiple answers.

Other formats of questions included are performance-based and drag and drop questions. The candidates of 220-901 exams are provided 90 minutes of time to complete their exam. The scale of scoring is 900, and a candidate needs to score a minimum of 675 marks to pass the exam.

The influence of CompTIA A+ certification on the career of IT professionals

The advancement in science and technology has influenced the success rate of an organization or company to a large extent. This has made IT one of the most vital elements for all organization and their success. The technologies are improving every day and are getting even more complicated. Thus the need for IT professionals is increasing. The certified candidates are getting an ample number of job positions open in various IT companies. This CompTIA A+ certification ensures a candidate can outshine other uncertified candidates.

The IT professionals who possess CompTIA A+ certification have always proven that they can do the following:

  1. Function efficiently even at high levels.
  2. Having full confidence in the job that they do.
  3. They are comparatively more knowledgeable and skilled than the other uncertified employees.
  4. They have very quickly reached job proficiency.
  5. In the long run, they are seen to retain more knowledge.
  6. They are much more reliable.
  7. Improving the career by earning CompTIA A+ certification.

The candidates get earning potential as this certification is seeing high demand in present days. This demand will increase in the upcoming years. The average annual salary of a support professional was nearly 50 thousand Dollars in the mid of 2016, and this figure is continuously seeing a rise with passing days. The recruiters and hiring managers are screening professionals on this CompTIA A+ certification while carrying out their recruitment process. By the end of 2022, the total number of IT positions that will be opened for candidates is expected to increase by more than 15 percent.

Even the HR of the organizations relies on this CompTIA A+ certification for promoting the candidates. The certified professionals generally get promoted faster than the uncertified professionals.

How is getting job-related to CompTIA A+ certification?

There have been researches carried out on this factor, and proven results have been collected on the influence of CompTIA A+ certification on job and career of a person. The study includes both the certified as well as the uncertified professionals. Often situations arise where employers hire CompTIA A+ certified candidates only. This is because of two reasons:

  • The vendors allow only certified professionals to perform their warranty work.
  • The organization is A plus certified center which makes it necessary to hire at least 50 percent of certified technicians in the company.

The role of CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam in the career of professionals

The organizations and companies set out their rules and criteria while hiring professionals for their firms. They remain fixed in their standards, and a candidate must meet the listed standards to get selected for any particular position or designation. The recruiters recognize only those candidates who have some specific experience or have cleared exam like CompTIA 220-901 exam. Many company and organization have made this CompTIA 220-901 exam compulsory thus one has to clear this to get a job in those companies. The popularity and demand for this exam have grown over the years especially among the IT firms. The companies prefer these candidates as they can relax and have peace of mind that the IT professionals who have passed CompTIA 220-901 exam will start working efficiently in no time with very less training

The IT candidates who have passed CompTIA 220-901 exam will surely get a hike in their wages or will grab a high salary job at the first go. The salary range in the IT field has always been high as compared to others, and they are also available in plenty but getting one and also earning promotion and a good salary can be tough. However, the candidates who have cleared the CompTIA 220-901 exam they can achieve their dream jobs and income goals.

Final word

CompTIA 220-901 exam helps aspirants to gain skills and knowledge and hence grow to be highly productive. The candidates who have passed this exam also require much less training as compared to others. Thus there is an increased chance of getting promoted. The candidates possess improved competence levels. In present days whoever wants to grab a good job and a high salary must start preparing for CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam and pass it to outshine other candidates in today’s competitive world. The exam improves skills which in turn enhances the career of IT professionals in the IT sector.

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