How to Get a Job in Crypto 2020?

How to Get a Job in Crypto 2020?

The cryptocurrency market has been heating up for the past few years. As such, 2020 could well be the year when the crypto industry goes into overdrive. Many crypto companies are now looking for the right talent in order to realize exciting upcoming projects. Read on for a full breakdown of how to get a job in crypto 2020.

Get a job in crypto without prior knowledge

There is currently massive demand for developers who have experience of either blockchain technology and crypto. The data is in, and the blockchain job market is booming. Just like web and app developers have been the hottest thing for the past two decades, the crypto sector will likely be the next big thing in the 2020s.

Furthermore, it is now easier than ever to give yourself the experience and competence needed to work in the crypto field. The Ivan on Tech Academy is the world’s largest blockchain academy, and is the best choice for anyone looking to learn about crypto and blockchain.

With that said, however, it is easy to simply call a blockchain academy ”the best”. It is something else entirely to deliver results. Ivan on Tech Academy has consistently been producing success stories. This is partly why Ivan on Tech Academy has already grown past 20,000 students. Read on to learn more about how to find a remote blockchain job in crypto and qualify for it in 2020.

Peto was able to land a job at IBM using Ivan on Tech Academy

For example, consider the story of Peto. Peto was interested in learning more about how to develop a game using the Ethereum network. He used the Ivan on Tech Academy, and was then able to land a job at IBM. Peto recently published his story on Telegram: 

”I had an idea of a game that could use the benefits of Ethereum network, so I was curious how to develop it. For few months I was watching Good Morning Crypto, so I decided to try the [Ivan on Tech] academy and learn how to code in Solidity language. First of all I learned JavaScript and every new topic I went through, I applied to my game idea. Same with the Solidity course. At the end I had a final working game also published here.”

Notably, Peto was then able to use his newfound knowledge of Solidity and Ethereum programming to become incredibly competitive on the labour market. This is a success story that is becoming more and more common among those who have experience with crypto and blockchain coding:

”All knowledge I gained and all problems I went through the game developing gave me skills and experience with which I could compete in the labour market with junior JavaScript developers. My first attempt to get a JavaScript job was at IBM. After a few rounds of the recruiting process, I got the positive result. Thanks guys for broadening my knowledge in IT sector!” 

Juliana went from zero knowledge to getting a full-time job as a Blockchain Developer

Juliana became interested in the cryptocurrency industry, but found it hard to get good information. She found the sector very fragmented, with over 200 different coins, but eventually found Ivan on Tech Academy.

She found that Ivan on Tech Academy was the only source for easily understood, accurate information. Moreover, she was astonished by the amount of content available on Ivan on Tech Academy. 

In her own words, Ivan on Tech Academy gives access to ”weeks” worth of course, tracks and tutorials. After using Ivan on Tech Academy, Juliana was able to get a full-time job as a Blockchain Developer.

You can also get a job in crypto 2020 with Ivan on Tech Academy

The most impressive part about this is that it’s possible for anyone to take the same journey – with zero prior knowledge required. Ivan on Tech Academy contains courses for anyone, from developers to complete beginners.

Furthermore, the website is also excellent for anyone from people who already have experience, game developers, to business profiles looking to broaden their knowledge. 

The many different tracks available on Ivan on Tech Academy guarantee that there’s a good starting point for you – whoever you are. For example, the academy has such popular tracks as Blockchain 101, Blockchain for Business, Bitcoin Programming, Blockchain Game Developer and many more.

Ivan on Tech Academy also has an affiliate program, so it’s easier than ever to sign up friends and acquaintances. Ivan on Tech Academy Affiliate allows you to help spread awareness of blockchain and crypto programming, while at the same time benefiting personally.

Using Ivan on Tech Academy, you can join the growing list of success stories to come out of the world’s largest blockchain academy and get a job in crypto 2020. This will also allow you to supercharge your blockchain or crypto interest and truly take it to the next level.

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