HTC Exodus 1s is a $300 Smartphone Running a Full Bitcoin Node

The HTC Exodus 1s is the first Bitcoin phone

The Taiwan-based consumer electronics corporation HTC is looking to bring Bitcoin capabilities to more people. The firm recently announced the launch of the HTC Exodus 1s, which will run a full Bitcoin node.

HTC Exodus 1 was released last year with basic blockchain functionality

This should be prefaced with a brief reminder that HTC is no total stranger to cryptocurrencies. Last year, HTC launched the HTC Exodus 1 model, which came with blockchain functionality. The Exodus 1 featured HTC’s ”Zion” cryptocurrency wallet, and the new Exodus 1s will reportedly build on this functionality.

Notably, this new phone will supposedly come equipped with the full Bitcoin blockchain and consequently run a full Bitcoin node. This is intended to allow for a so-called trustless user experience, seeing as ”a full node is the only way to use bitcoin in a fully private way and full nodes are critical to securing the future of Bitcoin.”

In addition to this, the smartphone will reportedly feature more support for decentralized browsing, messaging, and dApps. The device will launch in the third quarter of 2019. Moreover, it will ship with an extra SD card, in order to better support the phone’s blockchain capabilities. 

Sources are alleging that the company had originally planned to include full node capabilities in the original Exodus. Nevertheless, the consumer electronics firm was reportedly forced to push this functionality to a later iteration of the device.

HTC Exodus 1s will be the first mainstream smartphone to run a full Bitcoin node

What’s more, the HTC Exodus 1s will be significantly cheaper than the HTC Exodus 1. Although the device hasn’t been given a specific launch date or price tag yet, the company is said to be targeting Q3 of this year, and a price around $250 – $300.

HTC has struggled somewhat within the smartphone market as of late, meaning that public excitement and expectations of the original HTC Exodus were quite low. However, it would appear that the HTC Exodus 1 actually beat the odds and performed rather well.

HTC’s Decentralized Chief Officer, Phil Chen, was quoted as calling the original Exodus’ performance satisfactory. ”[HTC is] happy and even excited by what [HTC has] seen so far in terms of sales… and they’re on track with internal targets,” Chen noted. 

As such, it seems as if cryptocurrency and blockchain functionality may soon make a splash within the smartphone industry. The HTC Exodus 1s appears to be targeting a budget segment which has, so far, not had access to smartphones with cryptocurrency and blockchain features.

Furthermore, Samsung’s latest flagship devices from the Samsung Galaxy S10 family are all equipped with cryptocurrency wallet support. Nonetheless, this new HTC device marks the first smartphone to run a full Bitcoin node. It remains to be seen how other smartphone manufacturers intend to respond to this.

Image Source: Critic Reviewer

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