Ivan Liljeqvist, host of the popular Ivan on Tech YouTube channel with over 175 thousand subscribers, will be appearing in Decentralized, an educational narrative feature film that aims to teach viewers about Bitcoin and blockchain technology through storytelling. In a similar fashion to the movie The Big Short, Decentralized will weave educational material into a story that encourages the audience to learn alongside the characters. So yes, you read that right, this is not a documentary, Ivan will be acting on the big screen!

The story follows a young economics professor, to be played by American actor and Juilliard alumnus Amari Cheatom, who receives a posthumous request from a recently deceased colleague tasking him with the distribution of a set of hardware wallets containing a small fortune in cryptocurrencies. In the process of personally ensuring each inheritance, the professor learns a great deal from the recipients about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, forcing him to question his preferred economic theories. Ivan will play the role of one of these recipients who helps the professor understand how the blockchain functions.

“Acting in Decentralized aligns with my goals for educating the masses about blockchain technology. It’s important to provide alternative ways to absorb this information because not everyone learns the same way,” says Ivan.

Erik Vesterlund, a close collaborator of Ivan’s, is a co-producer on the project. Stockholm Blockchain, of which Ivan and Erik are both co-founders, is teaming with Decentralized to serve as a link between the project and the crypto space. Other collaborators include Ledger as the official hardware wallet of the film and Delta as the official portfolio tracker, with more collaborations on the way. The script was written by Christopher Arcella who is also co-producing and directing the film, to be shot primarily in New York City. The well-known British electronic music group, Plaid (of Warp Records), will compose an original score.

“So guys, guys, guys, what do you think? Do you want to see me on the big screen? Do you like the idea of a story that helps people learn about blockchain technology? If so, show your support by smashing the links below and following the project. And don’t just lurk in the dark, give Decentralized all the hearts and help spread the word! The project is currently in the fundraising stage and we definitely appreciate your support.”

website: www.decentralizedfilm.com

instagram: www.instagram.com/decentralizedfilm/

twitter: www.twitter.com/DECENTRAL1ZED


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