John McAfee Announces New “Ghost” Privacy Coin

John McAfee Announces New “Ghost” Privacy Coin

John McAfee Announces New “Ghost” Privacy Coin

The eccentric computer programmer John McAfee, of cyber security fame, is in the news again. However, this time it is for a less spectacular reason than usually. Specifically, McAfee is announcing that he is working on a new upcoming privacy coin.

McAfee announces upcoming “Ghost” privacy coin

This privacy coin is tentatively called “Ghost”, and McAfee has let some details regarding it slip in a series of tweets. First and foremost, McAfee said that the Ghost privacy coin will be built with a proof-of-stake algorithm underpinning it.

Moreover, McAfee also claims that the privacy coin will be widely tradable. In fact, McAfee suggests that it will be possible to trade Ghost against leading cryptocurrencies via atomic swaps, on the “McAfeeDex” decentralized exchange.

In addition to this, McAfee suggests that this will finally deliver financial freedom to users. “With a DEX/privacy coin combo we now have full control of our finances!,” McAfee triumphantly said

Ghost by McAfee

The name “GHOST” also comes from the coin’s ability to make users into “ghosts” when transacting online. 

The “Ghost by McAfee” website claims a white paper is coming on May 15th. What’s more, Ghost transactions supposedly use an escrow pool to “shield and erase the history of transactions”. 

McAfee is a well-known cryptocurrency bull, but his views are somewhat erratic. For example, he recently said that “Bitcoin is the true shitcoin”. This was particularly surprising seeing as McAfee has previously been a Bitcoin supporter. 

Perhaps most noticeably, McAfee spectacularly said he would “eat his own dick” if Bitcoin doesn’t reach $1,000,000 by the end of 2020. However, it is perhaps not too surprising that McAfee is now intent on building his own privacy coin, seeing as he said Bitcoin was the “true shitcoin”.

McAfee has a spectacular crypto past

 McAfee has, however, been part of a number of questionable crypto ventures in the past. In 2018, McAfee openly began accepting $105,000 for tweets promoting cryptocurrencies. In 2019, McAfee began helping South China Zombie Research Centre (SCZRC) to promote its “Zombie Coin” ICO.

However, the deal fell apart after a while. Moreover, McAfee then began lambasting the project, calling it a “shitcoin”. After this, McAfee was also part of launching an ERC-20 token with ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

Specifically, the asset was dubbed “Epstein Did Not Kill Himself” and came under the ticker name WHACKD. As such, it will be interesting to see how this Ghost coin continues to develop.

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