John McAfee Just Survived an Assassination Attempt

John McAfee Just Survived an Assassination Attempt

Many in the crypto world follow John McAfee, the legendary cybersecurity pioneer on Twitter. Those who follow him would have been wondering where he has disappeared to, given he tweets every day. He was back on Twitter yesterday with the reason he was missing, and the reason is scary and shocking at the same time!

The Tweet which got his fans smiling after days read-

McAfee has proven to be a powerhouse in the crypto community, from giving positivity whenever the market falls to establishing the importance of cryptocurrency through The ‘Declaration of Currency Independence.’

According to the tweet, he was poisoned by his drink being spiked!

McAfee shared photos of him lying in the hospital unconscious in a hospital bed.

McAfee has had many instances in the past which have tried to kill him. One such case was his house being burned in Belize which all pointed a hater trying to kill him. However, he has time and again proved he is unstoppable and will keep his enemies crying.

McAfee even assured his fans by replying to one of his tweets yesterday, “It takes more than poison, bullets or hanging to kill me. All three have been tried more than once.”

Now the question arises, who could his angry enemies be this time around?

McAfee has already warned about the hatred the Securities and Exchange Commision has on him due to the number of cryptocurrencies he supports quite openly.

McAfee has been prowling around with his securities since May beginning due to threats in his life which he openly stated.

It could also be cartels which time and again he has reported being the main culprits. These cartels keep firing at him due to the alleged murder he was involved in Belize in 2012.

Many would think he will go back into hiding, but no this time around his wife and him gave their answer through a picture.

“And for those who did this – You will soon understand the true meaning of wrath,” he tweeted.

Given McAfee’s strong willpower and determination, it’s best if these enemies run away as far as they can!

Image Source: “Flickr”

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