John McAfee – War on Cryptocurrencies, Declaration of Currency Independence, and The Blockchain Revolution

John McAfee - War on Cryptocurrencies, Declaration of Currency Independence, and The Blockchain Revolution

John McAfee has been actively promoting cryptocurrencies in the real world and the digital world. In a new episode of ‘John McAfee Says’, he has declared that there is an ongoing war on the digital currencies.

McAfee’s daily show ‘John McAfee Says’ is mostly based on Blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is posted daily on popular social media application Twitter.

He stated on the 27th May video, “Whether you know it as a war [against crypto] or not, it is, in fact, a war.”

According to McAfee the government, banks, credit card companies and the SEC are all against the Cryptocurrency revolution.

There is a lot to lose for the enemies of cryptocurrencies if cryptocurrencies succeed. The government will lose out on gaining, through controlling the supply of money while consumers will withdraw support and confidence from banks and credit card companies.

McAfee passionately urged the cryptocurrency enthusiasts and lovers, with a speech that was Hollywood worthy.

“What can we do? Take action. Write your Congressman; it sounds silly [but] while they are still in power, make them work. Go into your bank and demand that they allow crypto transactions. If they say no, ask them to recommend a bank that will. Demand the credit card companies to allow crypto payments,” McAfee passionately said.

McAfee is a cryptocurrency influencer no doubt, and a single message like this is bound to gain the cryptocurrency crowd together and not divided by Bitcoins or Litecoins but instead as one big cryptocurrency community.

John McAfee even urged his followers to become proactive and write to the SEC to ensure that cryptocurrencies are not classified as securities.

“We are not a security; we are coins, we are currency. They are frightened of us,” he said.

Along with this McAfee’s cryptocurrency team, called Team McAfee published a Declaration of Currency Independence. It is an 849-word document stating the movement of cryptocurrency.

It has a lot of reference to the world famous 1776 United States’ Declaration of Independence. You will find ‘when in the course of human events’ found in both the document’s beginnings.

The document highlights that cryptocurrency will bring back ‘Value’ of currency when fiat currencies are all manipulated.

One Part of the Declaration of Currency Independence read-

“Where value was once proven by the strength of the State ‘at the end of a barrel’, humans have developed, demonstrated, and proliferated a technology capable of proving value through the expenditure of electricity via the irrevocable proof of math. Such a concept has never been accomplished prior to the initiation of the Bitcoin blockchain.”

The document is already available in 14 different languages.

You can visit and read the Declaration of Currency Independence and sign on it if you want to be part of the revolution!

Would you vote for John McAfee as your cryptocurrency leader? If no, then who should lead the cryptocurrency movement? Give us your thoughts!

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