Justin Sun Says Tron’s #1 Priority Is Now Listing on Major US Exchange

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron has revealed that Tron is focusing on bringing its cryptocurrency to another US exchange. Specifically, this comes as concerns mount over whether Tron has plans to expand its US presence or not.

Tron reveals achieving listing on Binance or Coinbase exchange is “#1 priority”

Sun made this revelation on Twitter on August 9th. Moreover, Sun’s comments came in response to some claims that US citizens would not be able to trade Tron on Binance in the future. 

To be more specific, these concerns have grown after Tron was not included on a list of 30 digital assets in consideration for Binance’s upcoming US marketplace launch. Nevertheless, Sun tried to quell any such concerns, by stating that Tron was attempting to achieve a listing on either Binance or Coinbase.

Inclusion on such major marketplaces would be a major step forward to Tron, and help reach a wider audience. One commenter tweeted that “#Tron better get on this list or on #Coinbase ASAP. We all love Tron but we also need a place for US citizens to trade #trx”. 

Following this, Sun went on to reply directly to the comment on Twitter. Sun said that Tron is now focused on doing exactly that, with Sun personally overseeing the efforts:

“Yes. It is our #1 priority now. We will have a full team including me dedicated to this matter. We will get all these things done with #TRON speed! #TRX $TRX.” 

Tron supporters should see progress before the end of 2019

However, Sun also went on to apologize for the delay in achieving this listing. He ceded that Tron had made a mistake in not achieving listing on a larger number of US-based crypto exchanges. 

Nevertheless, it appears that this may soon be rectified, with Sun promising that the Tron would “see progress” on the matter before the end of 2019. Tron is currently only available on two US-compliant exchanges, eToro and Bittrex.

This comes as Tron just released the initial version of its scalability solution, dubbed the “Sun Network”. According to Tron sources, this scalability solution will lay the groundwork for scalability of up to 100x. 

What’s more, it will also make the building of decentralized application on sidechains possible. As such, it will be interesting to see what other news are in Tron’s pipeline.

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