Living Bitconnect Meme Carlos Matos Seemingly Attacks Bitcoin, Calls It ”A Scam” and Says to ”Sell Everything”

The Head of the Well-known Scam BitConnect Finally Arrested

You would have to have been living under a rock for the past year to be unaware of Carlos Matos. Matos became the de facto face of the supposed ”high-yield investment program” Bitconnect when his spectacular appearance at a Thai Bitconnect gala went viral in 2017.

Matos’ unforgettable presentation has subsequently been thoroughly ingrained in popular culture. He has since become a staple meme, and was prominently featured by John Oliver in Last Week Tonight’s cryptocurrency-centered episode.

Matos’ extravagant appearance and unrestrained praise for Bitconnect was made all the more ironic as Bitconnect closed after accusations of being a pyramid scheme. The cryptocurrency project has now been delisted from all exchanges, and is widely considered to be a textbook example of a Ponzi scheme.

Matos has, therefore, been intimately associated with one of the most well-known cryptocurrency scams ever.

He has ostensibly tried to put cryptocurrency behind him, and has seemingly gone on to instead promote Herbalife Nutrition, featured prominently on his Twitter account – even though Herbalife is, just like Bitconnect, widely regarded as being a pyramid scheme.

Now, however, it appears as if he is back to giving cryptocurrency advice – to those who will still listen. More specifically, a Twitter account reportedly belonging to Matos recently tweeted that ”Bitcoin Is A Scam” to his 12,600 followers – adding that the cryptocurrency is ”NEVER Going Back Up.”

Matos also advised his Twitter following to liquidate all of their Bitcoin holdings due to his prediction that it will never again regain its former price levels.

Matos should certainly be familiar with scams, after enthusiastically promoting Bitconnect prior to the cryptocurrency venture falling apart.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the price of Bitconnect tokens crashed from a high of $450 to less than $6 in a matter of weeks following Matos’ passionate endorsement of the project.

Due to this, Matos’ most recent cryptocurrency advice has been widely disregarded by the cryptocurrency community, or met with humored responses.

Some have called the latest tweet from Matos a ”buy signal”, as well as ”confirmation that the bottom has been reached.”

Nevertheless, several commenters have also questioned the legitimacy of the account.

Although several websites including Mashable have reported the account as belonging to Carlos Matos, it frequently publishes tongue-in-cheek tweets referencing the Bitconnect scandal.

Whether a parody account or not, it seems unlikely to say the least that the account’s latest advice will be taken seriously, given Matos’ past.  

Image Source: “Flickr”

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