Max Keiser Says Bitcoin Will Break $15,000 This Week

Max Keiser, the well-known host of the RT segment the Keiser Report, has said he believes Bitcoin will break $15,000 this week. This comes as Bitcoin has already crossed the $11,500 line, as a “perfect storm” of macro factors supposedly approach.

Will Bitcoin’s price break $15,000 this week? 

This announcement from Keiser came in a recent tweet on August 3rd. In it, Keiser notes that he is “sensing #Bitcoin will cross $15,000 this week”. Furthermore, Keiser also went on to suggest that confidence in traditional financial institutions are at a record low.

Specifically, Keiser argues that trust in central banks, central governments and centralized fiat currencies are at “the lowest point” they have been in several decades. Keiser went on to underline his bullishness regarding the crypto sector:

“I’m confident. So I just burned another $10,000 in $USD shitcoin. Correlation does not equal causation, but whenever I burn a few thousand $USD, BTC price goes up significantly.” 

Furthermore, these latest comments echo the recent statements made by Delphi Digital. Toshi Times recently covered how Delphi Digital argues that Bitcoin is about to enter a “perfect storm” of macroeconomic factors. In fact, the report notes that upcoming economic stimulus will lead market participant toward the crypto sector:

“First, and arguably most important, sentiment from global central banks took a drastic turn towards more dovish monetary policies. The Fed, ECB, BOJ, PBOC, and many others are now preparing market participants for more rate cuts and additional stimulus measures as they attempt to keep the current economic expansion going.”

Bitcoin at $15,000 within seven days – wishful thinking or real possibility?

Although it may seem a dramatic jump for Bitcoin to once again jump past the $15,000 barrier this week, it is not impossible. Rather, Bitcoin has already climbed back past the psychologically important $10,000 line since July 31st. 

Since the 31st of July, Bitcoin has increased over $1,500. Moreover, the last crypto bull run towards $15,000 saw that Bitcoin was still quite able of explosive price movements. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is currently trading at $11,552 – which represents a decidedly bullish market trend during the past week.

Nevertheless, one should note that Keiser’s bullish Bitcoin statements are, by now, routine. As such, some may question his bullish predictions regarding the cryptocurrency. No matter what, it will be interesting to keep an eye on the market boards in the coming week. 

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