John McAfee Makes JP Morgan an Offer They Can’t Refuse

A person who lives larger than life, John McAfee provokes again with a video posted on Twitter that promoted Blockchain to JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon.

John McAfee has lived a wild life, being part of one of the largest Cybersecurity firms, McAfee and even going to the Guatemalan jail. He goes against authority and loves living life in his terms.

He took to Twitter about 20 hours ago posting a video that promoted Blockchain to his 823 000 followers.

In the video he spoke to bankers in the world, letting them know that they have no future at all! Emphasizing that the only way Jamie Morgan may earn money in the future is by begging using a puppy dog in the street if he does not implement the use of Blockchain. He mentions that it’s better for bankers to change their mindsets to become positive towards Blockchain. His reference to Blockchain is not only targeted to making money but regaining power which is essential for improving the world. His words of choice are extravagant, with mentions of yachts and prostitutes.

At the end of the video The ‘Blockchain World Conference’ is highlighted with the dates of July 11th to July 13th in Atlantic City.

This video is bound to boost Blockchain’s presence given his tweets having the power to boast and pump a coin to over 100% gains. For example, Verge took a substantial definite upswing after his tweet about it went viral a few months ago.

In January Motherboard had tracked that a single tweet about cryptocurrencies has the power of gaining a jump of 350% for a coin. It was the case seen in Burst Coin.

His Tweet in December read-

John McAfee is quite an in your face and honest guy with his revelations of his firm McAfee Crypto Team charging $105,000 for each tweet to promote digital coins or initial coin offerings (ICO).

With such power of influence, the negative responders blame him for being involved in the manipulated pump and dump schemes to boost the value of coins.

McAfee might be a rebel but his eye to catch the latest trends is proof that he has tremendous experience.

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One thought on “John McAfee Makes JP Morgan an Offer They Can’t Refuse

  1. God I love this man.
    He doesn’t give a shit what other people think. He does his own thing.
    He is not the typical “neutral”, “gotta watch my words” businessman.
    In fact he probably is not even a businessman anymore.
    His history is fascinating. Jail, armed guards, police raids, 18 year old girlfriends, dealing with the central American drug cartels (that right there requires balls of steel, those guys are brutal) the list goes on.
    He is a bit like Ozzy – how can those two men even be alive?

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