Most Popular and Annoying Crypto Twitter Scams Which Everybody Should Know

Twitter has been helpful for the crypto industry; however, the number of scams on it is starting to become ridiculous. From the impersonations of famous people to fake ICOs being promoted, it is all sounding strange. There are also various crypto offers which are too good to be true. The crypto world in Twitter is beginning to be as fake as Santa Claus.

Crypto enthusiasts are psychologically affected by many scams on Twitter. Mostly due to FOMO which is the fear of missing out! Bitcoins and Ethereum in exchange for a certain number of cryptocurrency are starting to become quite common.

Even the blue check mark on Twitter cannot help a person clarify if the person is the original “John McAfee” or even “Charlie Lee.”

A cryptocurrency advocate by the name of Thomas ‘Mad Bitcoins’ Hunt gave sound advice to Twitter. He tweeted-

Here are some infamous scams that have got some crypto lovers laughing and many others crying.

Giving Away Free ETH

A notorious tweet is making the rounds between scammers. It is called the ’10,000 ETH giveaway.’ The tweet has been seen all over Twitter, from posts to even comments. The get rich quick scam has proven to be a pitfall for many!

Below is a screenshot of the scam-

Impersonations of Popular Crypto Gurus

Impersonators try everything to get in the shoes of famous cryptocurrency gurus. From McAfee to Charlie Shrem, all have impersonators!

The impersonator’s try to make the accounts as realistic as possible. They copy the same pictures and even write in the same tweeting style.

Charlie Shrem, an advisor for several Blockchain projects highlighted this problem-

“I do give away stuff from time to time, but will never ask you to send me something first.”

Take a look at how similar the impersonators try to make it-

Image Source: “Flickr”

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