Numerous Top Crypto YouTubers Hit By Massive Crypto Content Crackdown

Numerous Top Crypto YouTubers Hit By Massive Crypto Content Crackdown

The past two days have seen several high-profile cryptocurrency YouTubers received warnings and strikes on their content. It would appear that this is coming as a part of a broader crackdown on cryptocurrency content on YouTube.

Is YouTube purging cryptocurrency content?

This story first began to take shape on Monday, December 23rd. At the time, a discussion on Twitter took form speculating over whether a potential YouTube blackout of cryptocurrency content.

At first, it would appear that only a few cryptocurrency-related channels were afflicted by this blackout. For example, the YouTube crypto bull channel Chris Dunn and the Canadian Bitcoin educator BTCSessions were among those affected.

Specifically, these accounts saw videos taken down, supposedly due to including “harmful and dangerous” content. Nevertheless, this quickly erupted into what appeared more like a full-blown cryptocurrency content purge on YouTube.

The well-known crypto programmer and blockchain educator, Ivan on Tech, was among those affected by this apparent change in YouTube policy. To highlight the severity of this crypto content crackdown by YouTube, Ivan on Tech is one of the top blockchain educators with over 200,000 subscribers.

Nevertheless, many other cryptocurrency YouTubers were hit by this policy change as well. To name a few, the Bitcoin price analyst “Sunny Decree”, “Chico Crypto”, “Crypto Tips”, “Node Investor” and “The Crypto Lark” are supposedly all among those hit.

Multiple crypto news outlets have already commented on how this sudden crackdown now appears to be a direct attack on cryptocurrency content.

A ban could serious impair the push towards greater public crypto knowledge

It is still unclear exactly why these videos are being struck down by YouTube. Although the platform has not publicly said that cryptocurrency videos are against its rules, YouTubers are trying to read between the lines.

For example, Chris Dunn said that his videos were removed by YouTube on the supposed grounds of having “harmful and dangerous content”, as well as being responsible for the “sale of regulated goods”.

This indicates that YouTube may be cracking down on cryptocurrency content due to ICOs, referral links and other cryptocurrency marketing activities. At the same time, however, some propose that these sudden decisions may simply be the result of an overzealous algorithm on YouTube’s part, which could be reversed.

Mati Greenspan, who is the founder of QuantumEconomics, recently said that in order to protest the company’s “new, unexpected, and unexplained censorship of crypto content, I will be boycotting Youtube until further notice.” 

No matter the case, this will be an interesting case to continue observing as it unfolds. Some observers are proposing that YouTube hosts should move their operations to decentralized video platforms as a response. However, these lack the massive reach that YouTube provides.

As such, they could harm the mission of spreading cryptocurrency and blockchain awareness to the general public. It remains to see whether YouTube reverses this crackdown – as Google, Twitter and Facebook have done with their crypto advertising policies – but for the moment being, cryptocurrency YouTubers are in the dark.

YouTube has yet to comment on this issue.

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