Outspoken US Congresswoman and Crypto Investor is Running for President

Outspoken US Congresswoman and Crypto Investor is Running for President

Tulsi Gabbard is a member of the US Congress who is known to be a pioneer within various fields. She is both the first Hindu member of Congress, as well as the legislative body’s first Samoan-American.

Admitted cryptocurrency investor Gabbard about to run for president

Gabbard is now making waves with a recent reveal that she is about to launch a presidential campaign. Gabbard, who is a Democrat, made this announcement on The Van Jones Show on CNN this past Friday.

”I have decided to run and will be making a formal announcement next week,” Gabbard noted in the interview.

Gabbard has previously been a part of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), but resigned from the DNC in 2016 in order to endorse Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Gabbard is also known for proposing unorthodox approaches to foreign policy.

In addition to this, however, Gabbard is also a cryptocurrency investor. Specifically, Gabbard disclosed holdings of both Ether and Litecoin in a routine filing back in 2018. Nevertheless, the actual value of Gabbard’s cryptocurrency holdings was not specifically stated in the filing.

Rather, they were listed as being somewhere between that of $1,000 and $15,000. The listing does, however, disclose that Gabbard made both of her cryptocurrency purchases around the peak of 2017’s crypto craze in December.

As most will remember, the end of 2017 was characterized by a seemingly unstoppable cryptocurrency bull market. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization was inflated to $566.2 billion, before reaching an all-all-time high of $813.8 billion in January of 2018.

Gabbard has blamed US banks for the nation’s ”broken system”

Since then, the total cryptocurrency market cap has fallen to around $118 billion, meaning that it is unlikely that Gabbard turned a profit on her investment. However, the mere fact that Gabbard has disclosed ownership of both Litecoin and Ethereum suggests that she is somewhat familiar.

Moreover, it would, therefore, seem more likely than not that Gabbard could champion cryptocurrency-friendly stances in upcoming primary elections. Although her public stance on cryptocurrency is not known, the fact that she owns two separate cryptocurrencies suggests she has some interest in the field.

Gabbard has also previously called out traditional banks, blaming them for the US’ ”broken system”. Gabbard has also revealed that her 2020 platform will center around health care access, global conflicts, criminal justice reform, and climate change.

Although more Democratic nominees will likely be announced in the coming months, it seems plausible that Gabbard will face – among others – Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, is an outspoken cryptocurrency critic – so a debate between the two on the subject would nevertheless be interesting.

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