Parity Developer Afri Schoeden Leaves Ethereum Development Following Controversial Tweet

Parity Developer Afri Schoeden Leaves Ethereum Development Following Controversial Tweet

Recent controversy has seen Afri Schoeden, the release manager at the blockchain infrastructure company Parity Technologies, leave all Ethereum projects. Specifically, this stems from a tweet by Schoeden, which criticized the Serenity – also known as ”Ethereum 2.0” – upgrade.

Schoeden: Polkadot delivers what Serenity ought to be

Rather, Schoeden tweeted that ”Polkadot delivers what Serenity ought to be” but this tweet has since been deleted. Polkadot is a future ”para chain” linking many different kinds of blockchains, which is being developed by Parity and currently slated for release in Q3 of this year.

However, this tweet immediately sparked some debate, with users lambasting Schoeden for ”sabotaging” Ethereum from within. Some also floated the idea that Parity might have had financial incentives to intentionally delay Ethereum development.

Following this, Schoeden decided to leave the Ethereum community – something he recently discussed in a piece with blockchain media outlet BreakerMag.

In the interview, Schoeden established that will no longer be involved with Ethereum, or Ethereum-related projects. However, he also stated that he will remain with Parity. He went on to highlight the reasoning behind his contentious tweet.

“Polkadot is not a direct competitor to Ethereum and chains like Ethereum were always an integral part of the Polkadot vision. The focus of my tweet wasn’t Polkadot or competition, but Serenity, which is, in my eyes, rolled out too slowly, and I fear that it [will not] matter anymore once we get there. People didn’t get that, and only I am to blame for not getting the message straight.”

Schoeden calls for ”netiquette” following online outrage

In addition to this, Schoeden also called for increased unity within the Ethereum community, and that they should work to decide on an appropriate ”netiquette”.

”I also fear that Preethi [Kasireddy] was right last year when she said that we might need to talk about the values (again) to find out what the community really stands for,” Schoeden continued in the BreakerMag interview.

Moreover, Schoeden also reached out to clarify that he never had any reservations when it came to Ethereum. Rather, he argued it was the toxic atmosphere and discussions that led him to quit Ethereum.

“I did not quit social media, I quit Ethereum. I did not go dark, I just left the community. I am no longer coordinating hard-forks, building testnets, or contributing otherwise. I did not work on Polkadot, I never did, I worked on Ethereum. I did not hate Ethereum, I loved it.”

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