Pornhub Partners With PumaPay to Accept Crypto as Payments

Pornhub Partners With PumaPay to Accept Crypto as Payments

The Canadian entertainment and streaming service Pornhub announced, August 23, a partnership with the cryptocurrency payment and billing service Pumapay to enable the users to pay with cryptocurrencies.   

The porn industry has been at the forefront regarding cryptocurrencies. A few days ago, the popular adult based entertainment service Tube8 announced that they created a platform where its users can get paid with tokens while watching the content. They issued the token VIT – Vice industry token, that will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and the platform will be implemented by the end of the year. It will be a step forward in making cryptocurrencies mainstream because  Tube8 currently has 10 million users and is a subsidiary of Pornhub. Pornhub has around 150 million website visitors per month.

Users need to be careful though since Bitcoin blackmailing has gone after porn viewers. The new scam is targeting porn viewers, supposedly remotely activating webcams while users watch porn and after, attempting to blackmail them with the footage in exchange for bitcoin.

Pumapay is a new player that uses its unique payment protocol that will allow users to pay for their subscriptions, including the premium version. Pornhub promoted the partnership with a youtube video with the title: Pornhub and Pumapay save the world.

“Our mission is to empower merchants by combining the potential of the Blockchain with the flexibility and scalability of credit cards, thus making it possible to accommodate day-to-day payment scenarios on the Blockchain, while facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies in daily payments” – according to their website.

The new payment service announced earlier this year that their SDK Alpha version is up and running. The solution available demonstrates the concept of our push protocol. This protocol consists of a merchant dedicated e-commerce application and a client mobile wallet application. The e-commerce application allows the merchant to generate a QR Code, which is read by the mobile wallet and pushes the transaction to the blockchain.

Pumapay is not well known yet but might be in the future if everything goes as planned. However, Verge (XVG), the privacy-centric coin, is a well-known cryptocurrency that became a partner with the company, Mindgeek, behind Pornhub and Brazzers earlier this year. The anonymous Verge altcoin will be used to pay for a variety of different premium services and products, and the adoption marks an important milestone, as PornHub is not only the largest site for online pornography – it is also one of the largest sites on the internet as a whole.

The news about Pumapay certainly is another milestone for the industry and not least the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

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