QuadrigaCX Victims Request to Dig Up Deceased CEO’s Body

QuadrigaCX Victims Request to Dig Up Deceased CEO’s Body

Lawyers representing the clients of the cryptocurrency trading platform QuadrigaCX are now requesting to exhume its dead CEO. This comes as the bizarre QuadrigaCX story begins to heat up once again. 

Lawyers want to dig up QuadrigaCX’s former CEO’s dead body

According to multiple recent news stories, lawyers of QuadrigaCX’s clients are now moving to dig up Quadriga’s former CEO’s body. This comes as the clients want to ensure Quadriga’s former CEO is in fact dead and not hiding out somewhere.

For those unfamiliar with the story regarding Quadriga, this goes back to the sudden death of QuadrigaCX’s founder and CEO, Gerry Cotton, in January of this year. His mysterious death mean that cryptocurrency wallet keys were lost. 

As such, Quadriga saw serious liquidity issues stem from this incident, as around $214.6 million became inaccessible. 

Following this, it became clear that the 30-year-old Cotten changed his will just 12 days before his death. Many then began to wonder whether Cotton really did die from Crohn’s disease in India, as the official story states.

This has led people to speculate that QuadrigaCX may have simply been a front for an exit scam. Specifically, this speculation deepened as the criminal past of Quadriga’s sole surviving founder emerged.

Could QuadrigaCX’s CEO still be alive?

Now, however, lawyers representing Quadriga’s clients request to look closer into this story. In fact, legal representatives are trying to get approval to exhume and inspect the supposedly deceased body of Cotton.

According to a formal letter from the Miller Thompson law firm to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, this will counter the significant uncertainty surrounding Cotten’s death, which they claim ”further highlight the need for certainty around the question to whether Mr. Cotten is in fact deceased.”

Additionally, the letter states ”Representative Counsel respectfully requests that this process be completed by Spring of 2020, given decomposition concerns”. This comes as there is growing pressure to explore all possibilities relating to the Quadriga case.

For example, only around $33 million of the roughly $214.6 million missing has been recovered. Closer examining the body of Cotton will hopefully bring some clarity as to whether Cotten is actually dead or not. 

The possibility that he might still be alive would, if true, be one of the most spectacular cryptocurrency scams to date. This story will likely continue to unfold in the coming weeks and months, and should put an end to some of the QuadrigaCX speculation.

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