Recent Reports Finds USA ”Most Favorable” Nation for ICOs

Recent Reports Finds US ”Most Favorable” Nation for ICOs

A team of analysts related to a Swiss cryptocurrency and blockchain conference firm has released a fresh report on ICOs and the spread of ICOs between different countries. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the study has found that the US is the most favorable location for organizing ICOs.

More specifically, this statement comes from researchers at the Crypto Finance Conference, who have published a press release dealing with the state of cryptocurrencies and ICOs after having studied the largest 100 ICOs all over the globe.

The Crypto Finance Conference describes itself as ”the world’s most exclusive investor conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments”, and aims to unite institutional and private investors in understanding and dealing with blockchain-related endeavors.

Most notably, the study found that 30 of all the 100 largest ICOs had been organized by US companies. This is the double amount of ICOs that the closest runner-up, Switzerland, had on the ”Top 100 ICOs” list.

This might come as somewhat of a surprise, as the US has sometimes been criticized for having unclear regulatory guidelines which have been accused of halting widespread cryptocurrency adoption.

The Crypto Finance Conference’s CEO, Andrea-Franco Stöhr, noted that ICOs are continuing to gain momentum, and that ICOs had raised more funds in the first quarter of 2018 than in all of 2017.

Toshi Times has previously covered the massive increase in ICOs and the volume of ICOs, and it is possible that the results presented by the Crypto Finance Conference could be somewhat skewed and not indicative of ICOs in general, since it only covers the top 100 ICOs by raised funds.

Nonetheless, it would seem that the US is home to a significant portion of the most successful ICOs. As stated previously, Switzerland takes the second place in the Crypto Finance Conference findings, which might not be all too surprising considering the Swiss ”Crypto Valley” city of Zug.

Singapore is rated the third most favorable nation for major ICOs, with 11 out of the 100 largest ICOs taking place in the Asian island nation. Moreover, the report also made a note of how several countries are working hard to put ICO-friendly regulations in place.

This could dramatically increase the attractiveness of countries such as the UK, Russia, and Estonia for future ICOs. Nonetheless, these findings from the Crypto Finance Conference come as a recent report from Satis Group cast doubt on the success of ICOs in general, which Toshi Times covered yesterday.

As is, however, it would seem that the US currently has a sizable lead when it comes to major ICOs.

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