Report: United Nations Will Use Blockchain to Solve Sustainable Development in Afghanistan

A recent report is alleging that the United Nations (UN) will use blockchain technology to solve sustainable development in Afghanistan. Specifically, this initiative comes as Afghanistan will reportedly face massive urban growth in the coming 15 years.

The UN will reportedly rely heavily on blockchain for rebuilding urban Afghanistan

The report first came from the technology news outlet The Sociable, on July 2nd. According to this article, the United Nations (UN) will rely heavily on blockchain in its rebuilding process in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has been marred by decades of conflict, essentially since the Soviet Union invaded the country in 1979. However, the UN now hopes that the nation may be able to be successfully rebuilt. 

As part of this, the United Nations Office of Communication and Information Technologies (UN-OICT) is developing blockchain-based government solutions. In fact, the UN arm’s blockchain-based solutions specifically relate to land records management.

This comes as a part of the UN’s “City for All” program, which began in 2016. The City for All initiative has a charter set to continue through 2020, and aims to advance 12 of Afghanistan’s cities. This reportedly includes Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. 

UN spokesperson: “Blockchain is integral to these plans”

Moreover, this coincides with Afghanistan’s population shifting increasingly to an urban one during the coming 15 years. As such, the nation is in dire need of “effective land management”, “strategic urban planning”, and “improved municipal finance, governance and citizen engagement”. 

This blockchain project aims to accomplish all three aspects. According to the spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General António Gutierrez, Stephane Dujarric, blockchain is integral to these plans. “The blockchain solution shall serve as a key tool in the delivery of these fundamental components,” Dujarric reportedly said.

Whether or not this blockchain project will achieve transparent, secure, and systematic online Land Records management and affiliated services in Afghanistan, the project is nonetheless promising. 

Utilizing blockchain in order to solve long-standing problems with sustainable development in Afghanistan could create a long-term solution. What’s more, the seemingly wholehearted blockchain support given by the UN is also promising.

If this “City for All” initiative turns out well, it is entirely likely that the UN may deploy similar schemes all over the world. Even more interestingly, successful blockchain integration in Afghanistan will surely encourage wider blockchain technology adoption by the United Nations.

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