Research Firm Messari: Threatening Calls After A Critical Article About XRP

Research Firm Messari Threatening Calls After A Critical Article About XRP

Ryan Selkis is the CEO of cryptocurrency analytics firm Messari. His company released a somewhat critical article about XRP, and it has got consequences. According to the CEO, he has got threatening calls.

XRP might not do as well as they say?

According to a recent market report, Ripple sold $129 million worth of XRP in Q4 2018. However, Messari posted a report on the 24th of January, claiming that XRP’s market capitalisation is wrong. In fact, they write that XRP is overvalued by $6,1 billion. The company based its analysis on data from cryptocurrency exchanges and third-party cryptocurrency data services. Messari writes:

“XRP’s liquid “circulating supply” and “market cap” could be overstated by 48%, which would put total XRP “market cap” at $6.9 billion vs $13.0 billion widely reported at the current USD-XRP exchange rate.”

Messari also said that they had asked Ripple about the numbers, but without luck. They are writing the article and wishes that Ripple will approach them. They wrote:

“We have reached out multiple times to Ripple representatives for comment. But we have not yet received a response to our inquiries. We acknowledge that some of the estimates in this report lack precision. But believe they are directionally correct and presented in good faith. We look forward to Ripple’s response, and will update this report accordingly if and when they do reply.”

Messari’s CEO receives threats after publication from XRP fans

Following the publication, the CEO and founder of Messari, Ryan Selkis, posted a tweet saying that he received a threatening call from an anonymous caller. He wrote that the caller said his wife’s birth date and hung up.

In a follow-up tweet, Selkis announced that he received two more threatening calls. He urged several high-ranking employees of Ripple to denounce the threats against his family. He argues that the XRP community is behind them. The high ranked employees include its CEO Brad Garlinghouse, CTO David Schwartz and SVP of Marketing and Communications Monica Long.

As of yet, no one of the mentioned employees of XRP has commented regarding the tweets. While waiting for answers, Selkis went over to the police station because of worry for his family. After the visit he tweeted once again, saying that it most likely is a “punk kid” behind the threats. While waiting for a response from Ripple, XRP has the second rank according to The coin currently holds a total market capitalisation of $12,77 billion which is almost $1 billion more than the coin that holds the third place, ETH.

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