Resistance DEX – Ledger Nano S Giveaway

Sign up below and use the code JOINRES

This giveaway is organised by the Resistance project and they will ship the prizes to the winners.

Win a Limited Edition Ledger Nano S

The “secret code” is JOINRES

Winners Batch #1:

Bob Bramley, London ENG United Kingdom
Maurizio Dalco, Ravenna Italy
Thomas Schack, Heilbronn BW Germany
Max Mucko, Zagreb Croatia
bob tores, Sofia Bulgaria


Rigoberto Guampe
The Hague, ZH, Netherlands

Enrico Del Fante
Rome, Italy

Felix S
Esslingen am Neckar, BW, Germany

Stian Grønland
Oslo, Norway

Joe Anderson
Vienna, Austria

Joseph Ralston
Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands