Ripple Holds Potential to be Promising Investment Vehicle

Ripple Holds Potential to be Promising Investment Vehicle

One among the major cryptocurrencies, Ripple shows promise of high investment potential. The currency currently commands a whooping market cap of around $14,781,347,528 and such a massive cap assures excellent scope for improvement.

According to crypto experts, Ripple will reach to new peaks this year & create newer highs as well. Thus, it’s being increasingly considered as a fantastic investment opportunity. One of the main reasons behind it is that the currency is consistently adding on new clients, especially marquee clients & banks worldwide. The currency is being increasingly accepted as a trusted payment solution by various businesses as well. These include tech, travel, hospitality, food and certainly casinos. You can check out latest casino discount codes at tropicana promo code.

Here are the major reasons why Ripple is fast becoming a popular investment medium.

State of the art transaction protocol

If we look at the existing financial system, it’s always a long tedious process when you have to send money to those who are not your bank’s client. The process is even more time-consuming and tiresome if the recipient stays abroad.

But, Ripple puts an end to all such woes. Backed by state of the art Ripple Transaction Protocol, Ripple allows one to transfer fiat currencies, digital currencies as well as data in an instant. There is no need to involve any 3rd party that makes the process even faster and economical. It’s just that both the sender & recipient should have accession to a safe channel to eliminate probable threats. Thus, XRP (Ripple’s token) is beneficial for individual users and banks alike. You can use Ripple for both minor and major transactions.

Enhance banking system

Some market experts are of the opinion that crypto currencies are soon to make banks a thing of the past. But the mere thought of the entire banking system vanishing into nowhere is simply naïve. It’s true that digital currency holds the future but not at the cost the banking system. A more viable outcome is smooth integration of digital currencies like Ripple into regular life, backed by the support of esteemed banks.

It’s to note here, Ripple Labs has taken a smarter outlook. It’s certainly not against the banks & instead extends a great mutually beneficial tie-up. At present, more than 100 banks are Ripple investors & has accelerated XRP integration big time. The eminent banks that have formed promising partnership with Ripple are:

  • Star One Credit Union
  • Cambridge Global Payments
  • SEB
  • BBVA
  • eZforex
  • SBI Remit

As per the experts, Ripple will successfully replace the existent SWIFT payments. But that would take some time though since the XRP TPS needs to go through more improvements. Now, comes the question- does Ripple make a strong investment vehicle for banks? Well, banks look for economical ways to perform operations. Investments in Ripple can save banks around 3.76 USD per payment and that amounts to a saving of around 564,000 USD per year.

Promising price predictions

The most common question before any investment is – “Is it worth buying?” It’s the same with Ripple among the aspiring investors.

Well, in one word –Yes. Why so especially when XRP shows a downward trend of late?

Now, first of all, the downward trend is just minor and there is nothing much to worry about. Second and most important, the coin is predicted to witness a solid rise in price in the coming months. Ripple experts have stated that XRP price may peak to 200-300 USD in the upcoming 10 years. In case Ripple turns into a genuine payment solution for banks, the price will reach up to $20 shortly.

Moreover, Ripple is increasingly garnering interests from esteemed investors which means the XRP market will be less volatile in near future.

Economical & easily available

Last but not the least, this is surely one of the chief reasons to invest in Ripple.

XRP is one among the major cryptocurrencies which you are still getting under $1. Thus, investment in Ripple won’t gobble up much of your investment budget. You can buy your desired amount of XRP on any leading crypto exchange. Dubbed as “poor man’s Bitcoin”, Ripple is a popular coin and is easily available.

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