Roger Ver Says Bitcoin Cash Could Increase 100,000%

Roger Ver Says Bitcoin Cash Could Increase 100,000%

Roger Ver is known to be a passionate proponent for Bitcoin Cash. Now, Roger Ver says that he will give away Bitcoin Cash in order to boost adoption. Moreover, he also predicts that the price of Bitcoin Cash may increase dramatically in the coming years.

Could Bitcoin Cash’s price surge 100,000%?

To preface, Roger Ver is perhaps best known as the former CEO of On November 4th, Ver went on to state that he would send $5 worth of Bitcoin Cash to all of his Facebook friends. 

In addition to this, Ver will reportedly also send people who are not already part of his friend network $1 worth of Bitcoin Cash. Moreover, he also said he believes $5 worth of Bitcoin Cash could “easily become worth $5,000 some day.”

If one puts this prediction into perspective, it would represent a truly massive price increase for Bitcoin Cash. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at a price point of $291, meaning a price surge to $5,000 would, on its own, be a nearly twenty-fold increase. 

Ver predicts $290,000 Bitcoin Cash

Nevertheless, Ver is also predicting that the price of Bitcoin Cash could go far further than $5,000, given enough time. Rather, Ver’s reasoning that $5 worth of Bitcoin Cash would equate $5,000 means that a single Bitcoin Cash would be worth around $291,000 per BCH.

One should note that this price increase undoubtedly sounds dramatic. However, it is also of note that Ver has been involved in the crypto space since Bitcoin was worth less than $1. As such, it is perhaps not entirely unfeasible that Bitcoin Cash could similarly increase by 100,000%.

Furthermore, this comes a few months after Ver first left his post as CEO of Back in August, made Stefan Rust the new CEO of the company as Ver left. Despite leaving his position, however, it is clear that Ver still holds significant affinity for Bitcoin Cash.

While Ver is now running this latest Facebook initiative in order to drive adoption, it is clear that Stefan Rust is also working on promoting Bitcoin Cash and In a statement from this August, Rust said:

”I’m hugely excited to take on the role of CEO working alongside Roger. Together we can now turbocharge the awesome team and great brand that is […] We will play an integral part in making money work for everybody as society undergoes such an enormous and pivotal change. It’s going to be a wild ride, so don’t miss it!” 

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