Russian Man Sues Apple After GayCoin Cryptocurrency “Made Him Gay”

Russian Man Sues Apple After GayCoin Cryptocurrency “Made Him Gay”

A bizarre news story has been making the rounds lately. Apparently, a Russian man has recently filed a lawsuit against the consumer electronics giant Apple. The reason? That receiving some “GayCoin” cryptocurrency had made him gay.

Russian man receives GayCoin instead of Bitcoin, becomes gay

This news story was first reported by the news agency AFP, and is as odd as it sounds. According to a copy of the complaint sent to a Moscow court – which asks for $15,000 in damages – alleges that this all began earlier this summer.

Specifically, the Russian man tried to purchase some Bitcoin using an unnamed smartphone application. However, instead of receiving the Bitcoin he was expecting, the man instead got 69 “GayCoin”.

Moreover, the GayCoin cryptocurrency came together with a note that read “don’t judge until you try”. The Russian man appears to have taken this as a dare, and it reportedly led him to question his heterosexual lifestyle. The complaint reads:

“I thought, in truth, how can I judge something without trying? I decided to try same-sex relationships. Now I have a boyfriend and I do not know how to explain this to my parents… My life has been changed for the worse and will never become normal again.”

It is not entirely clear exactly how the man mistakenly got GayCoin instead of Bitcoin, but this is likely the result of some sort of scam. Moreover, it is also unclear exactly why this lawsuit is being aimed at Apple.

Is this story a guerilla marketing campaign for GayCoin?

Presumably, the Russian man believes that it should have been up to Apple to better curate its App Store to prevent this type of issue.

“Apple pushed me towards homosexuality through manipulation. The changes have caused me moral and mental harm.”

According to the Russian court’s website, this complaint was first filed on September 20th. Moreover, the Russian court will hear the complaint in full on October 17th, at which point more information will likely be revealed.

This story is especially notable seeing as homophobia is widespread in Russia. Although homosexuality in itself was made legal in 1993, the subject is still taboo – especially following a law passed in 2013, which made it illegal to promote “non-traditional lifestyles” to minors.

Furthermore, the spectacular nature of this story has led many to question its validity. Some commentators have speculated whether this might be a guerilla marketing campaign from GayCoin. We will likely learn more on October 17th as this absurd story develops.

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