Samsung Confirms Galaxy S10 Bitcoin and Ethereum Support, Announces Crypto Partners, Full ERC20 Support Rumored

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S10 Bitcoin and Ethereum Support, Announces Crypto Partners, Full ERC20 Support Rumored

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is quickly making some waves in the cryptocurrency sector, as it comes closer to release. Now, Samsung officials have revealed more specific cryptocurrency wallet functions for the South Korean tech giant’s new flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a native cryptocurrency wallet, BTC and ETH support

Toshi Times has previously reported how the Samsung Galaxy S10 will ship with private cryptocurrency key storage. The phone reportedly features a cold storage wallet – meaning it is not connected to the internet.

Now, however, a Samsung official has reportedly revealed more details about the device’s cryptocurrency functionality at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Specifically, Samsung is said to have announced a series of different blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects for the Galaxy S10. Perhaps most notably, the phone will supposedly include support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, along with Cosmee’s token (Cosmo Coin) and Enjin Coin.

As for Cosmee, this is a blockchain-based mobile beauty dApp (decentralized application) with which users can earn and spend COSM tokens (Cosmo Coin). Cosmee is the first major dApp to be launched for the Galaxy S10, although more will likely follow.

In addition to this, The Verge reports that Samsung also announced support for the Enjin Coin. Enjin Coin is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, which is most widely used by gamers.

Nevertheless, the most exciting prospect of Enjin is that its cryptocurrency wallet has previously been rumored to be included on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Although this latest report should naturally be taken with a grain of salt, Enjin Coin integration does seem to lend credence to the theory that the Enjin Wallet could, in fact, potentially be installed on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Could the Samsung Galaxy S10 be fully ERC20-compatible?

Furthermore, the South Korean news outlet Hankyoreh has reported that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature a fully-fledged ERC20-compatible system, alongside functionality for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This has been further corroborated by leaked images of the ”Samsung Blockchain Keystore”.

In addition to this, Hankyoreh has speculated that this could allow users to themselves add new cryptocurrency tokens – provided these are based on the ERC20 token standard.

”Based on the fact that the Samsung Blockchain Keystore tutorial features Bitcoin, Ethereum, and an add new token button, it is likely that Samsung will allow users to directly add ERC20 tokens onto the native crypto wallet.”

It remains to be seen whether Samsung indeed announces support for all ERC20 tokens. Nevertheless, the fact that support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Enjin Coin and Cosmee has already been confirmed is impressive all on its own.

Moreover, a recent report from CCN alleged that Samsung is purposively downplaying the extent of its cryptocurrency wallet integration in the Galaxy S10. This is supposedly due to the general public’s relative resistance towards features referencing ”Bitcoin” and ”cryptocurrency”.

Specifically, this could explain why Samsung’s cryptocurrency plans did not receive more of the spotlight during the device’s initial unveiling.

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