Sleeping in a Car and Working 2 Jobs – Man Goes All In Crypto!

Sleeping in a Car and Working 2 Jobs - All In Crypto

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Roh

Risk has helped many people who believed in cryptocurrencies make a fortune. There are all kinds of strange stories, what people did to invest in cryptocurrencies, but one story was so crazy that it made the others look like dust.

A Canadian under the nickname ‘Livinginmycar’ took things to another level. He spent every bit of money he had, even the extra change in investing towards his crypto portfolio. He is the definition of a crypto term called FOLO (Fear of losing out).

What are his expenses right now? Instead of an $800 rent, he pays only $40 for parking his car in his friend’s garage. He showers at his friend’s place and sleeps in his car.

His cryptocurrency portfolio is not the ordinary which consists of Bitcoins, Ethereum or Litecoin but instead Collosusxt, Fundrequest, Policypal, and Dero!

What does he do for a living? In his financial condition, he as of now works two jobs. In the day he is a forklift driver, and in the evening he delivers food.

How much is the portfolio worth? It reportedly is worth only $6,000 with the unknown Canadian claiming to add $2,500 per month.

They say that you should never look back and regret the decisions you made, and this person is doing exactly that.

His story might shock you, but there are plenty more risk takers.

Didi Taihuttu took his family along with him in the cryptocurrency rollercoaster. He sold his house for Bitcoin and went all in being a firm believer of Bitcoin.

In an interview, Didi explained the reasons he went through with this high-risk move given that he had a family.

“We went all-in on Bitcoin between February and September 2017. The two main reasons are on the one hand I felt the monetary revolution was starting and on the other hand we did it to live a minimalist lifestyle and show our children we can be very happy without having all the luxury. “So we sold everything, ended up with a bag of money and decided to go all in crypto to support the revolution.”

Didi and his family will hold on to Bitcoin till 2020, and is a firm believer that Bitcoin is going to achieve greater things!

Image Source: “Flickr” & “4chan”

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