Smart Steps To Earn More Profit With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become one of the most popular ways of earning money today. While most people prefer to trade or buy bitcoins to earn money, there are still plenty of other methods to earn more profit out of bitcoin and other digital currencies. 

Some of them are even quicker and easier than buying and selling bitcoins. However, the profits you can earn from these methods are only minimal. But they’re incredibly good if you want to have an extra source of income aside from trading bitcoins. 

In this article, we’ll talk about some steps in which you can earn more profit with bitcoin. 

01. Get Paid to Work for the Cryptocurrency Industry

The popularity of bitcoin has opened up numerous opportunities for people to earn money. Bitcoin projects and companies are looking for people who are experienced and knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies to work for them. 

There are websites that are offering new bitcoin-related jobs. The best thing about these jobs is that the majority of them can be done remotely. This means that you can do these jobs even if you’re at home. These jobs are available for both full-timers and part-timers. 

For instance, you can use your extensive knowledge about bitcoin and write about it. Since bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is relatively new, only a few people genuinely understand this niche. You have the opportunity here to earn more profit by using your knowledge and experience with bitcoin. 

  • Buy and Sell Bitcoins

Trading is still the most popular way to earn money with bitcoin. You can trade bitcoin in many bitcoin trading platforms available on the internet, such as Bitcoin Revolution. The concept behind trading bitcoins is simple. You buy bitcoins today at a lower price and sell them back later once their value becomes higher. 

There’s a big chance to make more profit when you buy and sell bitcoins. However, this requires extensive knowledge and experience to pull off. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, which makes this method very risky. But you should be able to mitigate this risk if you have done your research about the bitcoin market and develop a proven strategy to profit from trading bitcoins. 

  • Buy and Hold Bitcoins

Buying and selling bitcoins is more of a short-term prospect. Buying and holding bitcoins, however, is a kind of a long-term investment. You buy bitcoins today, store it, and then sell it after a couple of months or years when its value increases. 

If you’re interested in this very simple kind of money-making opportunity, you should start with finding a digital wallet where you can store your bitcoins. There are so many bitcoin wallets to choose from, with some of them being offered for free. Just make sure though that the digital wallet you choose is safe and reliable.

Buying bitcoins and holding them is a waiting game. Though, you have full control over your bitcoins. You still have the freedom to sell them anytime you want. You can hold on to your bitcoins for as long as you want and wait for its value to rise up again before you sell them to earn tremendous profits.

  • Mine Bitcoins

If you don’t want to bother yourself with trading or investing in bitcoin, you can always try to mine bitcoins. Mining was the most profitable way of making money with bitcoin during its early days. Mining bitcoins is basically a race; who can solve very complex algorithms much faster. For each algorithm you solve, you’ll be rewarded with bitcoin. 

The earliest miners during the early days of bitcoin were able to mine thousands of digital currency using basic home computers. Things are different today, though. Miners now need to get expensive computer components for more powerful processing power to mine more difficult algorithms. 

But that does not say that mining bitcoins is no longer profitable. You can still profit from it and it also allows you to mine other types of cryptocurrencies as well, such as altcoins.

  • Lend Your Bitcoins

When we first heard that lending bitcoins is now possible, it was quite a surprise. This is a very good opportunity to earn more profit using your bitcoins. 

If you have plenty of bitcoins in your digital wallet, you can lend them to people who are looking for bitcoins on their own, with interest, of course. 

An advantage of lending bitcoin is that you don’t have to keep track of the activities of the borrower or with their funds. The risk is all on the borrower. If they borrow from you because they want to do margin trading, and make a bad trade, it’s entirely their fault and not yours. They’ll still be required to repay you, plus interest, even if they lose their investment.

Since bitcoin transactions require no middle-man to validate them, you can use this advantage to yourself and lend your bitcoins to potential loanees. This is such a very good alternative to buying and holding bitcoins because you’re actually taking full advantage of your bitcoins while they just sit there in your digital wallet. 

There are many bitcoin lending platforms available on the internet, just be sure to choose a trustworthy platform and lend your bitcoins to reliable individuals to maximize your investments.


You can use the steps above to earn more money with bitcoins. Some of them are quicker and easier to pull off, which means the profit you can earn varies. 

What you need to do is to avoid losing money and keep risks at a minimum. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose especially if you want to participate in trading bitcoins. 

While you are continuously earning money with bitcoin, be sure to safeguard your digital currency at all times. This is the first thing that you want to do once you start to make money with bitcoins. There are a lot of digital threats that’ll try to steal from you, which is why you need to keep your bitcoins safe and your digital wallet protected 24/7. 

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