Snoop Dogg to Promote Ripple at Blockchain Week NYC

Snoop Dogg to Promote Ripple at Blockchain Week NYC

The celebrity endorsements of the blockhain-related products seemed surprising not so long ago but as the industry is developing at a rapid pace, more and more celebs are entering the crypto sphere. Snoop Dogg is the latest one to join the fray as Ripple announced the hip-hop artist will be headlining their VIP night at Blockchain Week in New York.

The invite-only event will be held on May 15th and if you fancy visiting it and mingling with the crème de la crème of the crypto universe, you still have a chance. Two Twitter contests called “Trivia Night” and “Make the Meme” will be held on April 26th and May 2nd respectively and 10 tickets are up for grabs. Winners will have to either correctly answer three questions within an hour of their announcement or creatively caption the images the company will release on May 2nd.

The company states that the event is hosted to celebrate the company’s efforts in developing the XRP token and the accompanying distributed ledger technology. According to the official announcement it is, “As special thanks to those who are building liquidity, validating transactions, developing on the XRP Ledger, looking to xRapid as a liquidity solution and sharing the good word about XRP’s many benefits, we’re hosting a special night.“

Association with Ripple is the latest endeavor in Snoop Dogg’s entrepreneurial career as he has been involved with a variety of products since he came to prominence more than two decades ago. The rapper has endorsed products ranging from Chrysler vehicles to headphones to marijuana and he is not a stranger to the crypto world as well. Earlier this year he endorsed the Robinhood Crypto trading app and reportedly attended numerous crypto-themed parties and events.

Ripple is far from the first crypto company to use celebrities in order to gain attention. Such well-known names as Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton, and Lionel Richie have promoted various ICOs and former Liverpool and Real Madrid star Michael Owen, as well as boxer Manny Pacquiao, have announced plans to launch their own tokens.

However, celebrity support does not always ensure the legitimacy of the project. Former action movie star Steven Seagal was involved with a Bitcoiin2Gen ICO, which was completed only to see the actor and founders of the company leave the organization shortly after. Another high-profile scam, backed by DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather, was busted just this month by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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