Social Media Experts Turning to Cryptocurrency Industries

Social Media Experts Turning to Cryptocurrency Industries

 Cryptocurrencies are not only making headlines for its ease in doing businesses, but also for its mass usability in all walks of life. Social media when it first began with Facebook in 2004, started to gain people’s attention and time. Cryptocurrencies in all forms whether it be in investing, trading or even discussing are slowly taking over the once viral social media.

Coinbase a digital cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in California, USA has hired a new Vice President (VP) of Communications. The new VP of sales, Rachel Horowitz, was a Director of Technology Communications at Facebook and has helped scale communications at Twitter too. She has taken Facebook and Twitter to new heights and is now aiming to do the same for Coinbase.

Rachel Horowitz is a person who follows her heart. Regarding her expertise in the digital platform feels that Coinbase is very exciting. She was quoted saying, “It was so, so much about what drew me to Twitter when I joined the company… It just feels like this is a very exciting company at a very critical moment. That’s cool for me personally, but that’s very, very interesting from a communications perspective.”

Coinbase is hiring talent at a pace the last few months, with Emilie Choi taking over as the new Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, Eric Scro as Vice President of Finance and Tina Bhatnagar as Vice President of Operations and Technology. Coinbase even announced branching out into venture funding for new crypto startups.

With the dilemma in social media, blockchain based social media with several benefits will be available to the public soon. The social content in a blockchain environment will be more of a decentralized nature, which gives more control to the user than existing social media sites. That means it’s pretty much the users deciding the management of the social media platform. The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal has proved that social media is not that secure especially Facebook. With a blockchain based social network, users will have enhanced security.

Social media has helped a lot of brands and startups concerning marketing and branding. However, the options of clients buying through these platforms have been a significant concern. A blockchain based social media platform will secure the payment transactions using cryptocurrencies, and Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) will help consumer data for advertisers.

Hence experts and employees of social media are bound to be switching over to the cryptocurrency sphere where they will be needed to maintain the new social media culture using blockchain technology.

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