Solve.Care Partners With Lyft To Tackle Need for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Solve.Care Partners With Lyft To Tackle Need for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The global healthcare IT company Solve.Care recently announced that it is teaming up with the ride-sharing firm Lyft. Moreover, this will see Solve.Care utilize a blockchain-based platform to give Solve.Care wallet holders greater control and access over healthcare-related transportation.

Specifically, this partnership will integrate Lyft’s ride-share functionality into Solve.Care’s wallet offering, the Care.Wallet application. Patients will be able to schedule transportation to and from appointments right within the app.

Furthermore, it also brings support for paying for the ride from right within the application, by the patient, the patient’s benefits provider, or other sponsors. Additionally, Care.Wallet gives providers the option to receive notifications signaling when the patient is on the way.   

The importance of the Solve.Care and Lyft partnership

This partnership can potentially have far-reaching consequences. It lays the groundwork for a new era of convergence between ride-sharing solutions and healthcare-related transportation. As such, it will also facilitate customer benefits pertaining to improved access, reduced costs, and improved health-related outcomes.

With this partnership, Solve.Care and Lyft are bringing easier access to medical transportation for patients. Furthermore, it marks the first mass-implementation of blockchain technology and tokenized services within the healthcare sector.

In addition to this, the partnership between these two actors also delivers tangible benefits to several different stakeholders.

Patients will be able to benefit from improved access, as well as better results. Providers can expect reduced no-show appointments and better time utilization for physicians. Moreover, employers will also gain from the partnership, with reduced absences as well as optimized use of sick leave.

It also delivers benefits to insurers, as it will result in reduced care costs, as well as reduced medical transportation costs. Finally, government agencies can expect better outcomes for citizens suffering from chronic diseases, as well as better management of recurring healthcare needs and more timely access to care.

How this partnership will change non-emergency medical transportation

The current state of non-emergency medical transportation is surprisingly low-tech, which leads to unnecessary and unwanted inefficiencies. Such inefficiencies are not only costly; they can also have adverse medical effects for patients requiring care.

By introducing cutting-edge technology which brings clear benefits to all involved stakeholders, Solve.Care and Lyft’s recent partnership is leading the way in implementing decentralized token-based functionality in the healthcare industry.

Besides, this partnership will also deliver a powerful and immensely useable transportation solution which can ultimately aid in reducing hundreds of millions of costs every year for insurers, employers and governments alike.

Care.Wallet is integrated with SOLVE token functionality

The previously referenced Care.Wallet functionality allows users to access their SOLVE tokens. Specifically, SOLVE tokens can be used to pay for consumers’ rides. This allows for an entirely transparent payment system, which also touts superior cost-effectiveness compared to other systems.  

The payment system will also be completely auditable. Moreover, this holistic approach links the payment system to the needs and behaviors of the patient, as well as the cost of the ride.

Solve.Care reports that this will leverage the transparency, accuracy, and real-time nature of digital token payments in order to alleviate the need for access to care and to deliver a solution for medical transportation.

Moreover, Solve.Care also notes that the solution can eliminate waste, reduce cost, and finally also make sure that people who need help will be able to receive it at any time.

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