Soon You Will be able to Earn Bitcoin by Playing Video Games

App Soon to be Released Where You Can Earn Bitcoin by Playing Video Games

Imagine playing a game that will help you earn Bitcoins while you enjoy playing with your friends and family. The Japanese digital company, GMO Internet Group, has made this dream a reality!

GMO Internet Group’s slogan is “Internet for Everyone.” It is based out of Japan’s technological hub, Tokyo and has become a blockchain and cryptocurrency company with many different products.

GMO had several announcements this week. The first announcement was a GMO cryptocurrency wallet called “GMO Coin Virtual Currency Wallet’ which will be downloadable on Mobile phones and will allow the Japanese to trade Japanese yen for cryptocurrencies.

The next announcement was a mining chip, which will be the world’s first 7nm Bitcoin mining chip. It will start shipping by the end of October and will be called ‘GMO Miner B2.’

The third announcement excited many, with an application that can help you earn Bitcoins while playing mobile games.

According to the announcement, the application is called ‘CryptoChips’ and can be used in real-time games such as Whimsical War. Whimsical War is already available on iOS and Android.

Every time a mission is accomplished; your rankings improve thus bringing in more Bitcoin. It will make games more competitive and fun to play as there will be an incentive. The application will be available on iOS and Android at the beginning of August.

The Press Release was in Japanese and English. It stated-

“CryptoChips can be mounted on the game application and allows players to receive cryptocurrency as remuneration within the game – like a ‘secret pocket money’ – depending on the players’ rankings or when players have achieved missions or acquired items.”

The company highlighted that an application like this would help gain more cryptocurrency users. Only users who have a cryptocurrency wallet will be able to cash out their Bitcoin earnings from the application.

As of now, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency it will pay out. Several other cryptocurrencies will also be available soon.

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