Soulja Boy of ”Crank That” Fame Dedicates Song to Bitcoin

Soulja Boy of ”Crank That” Fame Dedicates Song to Bitcoin

It would appear that the American rapper Soulja Boy is solemnly counted in the global cryptocurrency crowd – at least according to his new album ”Young Draco”, which includes the track ”Bitcoin”.

More specifically, the album is generally a traditional rap record, but ”Bitcoin” breaks the mold and instead recounts Soulja Boy’s apparent love for the premier cryptocurrencies, and goes into the rappers cryptocurrency trading success.

Soulja Boy, or DeAndre Cortez Way, has been a generally recognized artist for over a decade, ever since his debut single ”Crank That” hit the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.

His new album, however, appears to have been met with disappointment, and the user-generated rating on HotNewHipHop sits at 36%, earning it a ”Not feeling it” rating – although the editor rating is more favorable, giving the record a ”Hottttt”.

In ”Bitcoin”, however, it would seem that the rapper has now joined the global clique of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As the title would suggest, the track mainly revolves around Bitcoin, but Litecoin is also mentioned – albeit in conjunction with Bitcoin – with Soulja Boy referring to the two currencies as being his ”favorite ones”.

Moreover, the lyrics go into some detail of Soulja Boy’s Bitcoin purchases – although these are not entirely clear. Soulja Boy mentions that he ”spent 6,000 on the Bitcoin”, which would mean that he would have earned 9.8% on his investment, as Bitcoin is trading at $6,588.48 at the time of writing.

However, Soulja Boy later sings that he ”made 100 racks off of Bitcoin”, with racks being slang for ”thousands”. This would suggest that he has made at least $100,000 on his Bitcoin investments.

Nevertheless, later in the song, Soulja Boy also mentions that he ”went platinum” and ”made a million off of Bitcoins”, casting doubt on how much he actually has earned through his cryptocurrency investments.

The song also references both PayPal and Cash App as means he utilizes to manage his cryptocurrency transactions. Soulja Boy does not provide any additional details on how exactly he does this, more than stating that he bought his Bitcoin ”on a computer”.

In addition to this, the rapper also indicates the sort of lavish lifestyle his Bitcoin earnings has allowed him to lead, referencing buying new foreign cars (”I be so fresh when I pull up new foreigns”) and that he is now ”running to the money like a marathon”.

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