Star Trek-Backed Solar-Powered Crypto Mining Venture Launches

Star Trek-Backed Solar-Powered Crypto Mining Venture Launches

The Vancouver-based company Solar Alliance has recently announced that it has acquired a substantial Illinois warehouse, which is intended to be used for cryptocurrency mining. Notably, the venture will be powered by solar power panels, making it an entirely green cryptocurrency mining operation. This comes as many have previously expressed doubts regarding the cryptocurrency mining industry’s power-intensive nature. The company is also supported by the Star Trek star and environmentalist William Shatner.

Solar Alliance has issued a press release stating that the firm has acquired a warehouse of approximately 165,000 square foot in the Illinois city of Murphysboro. Moreover, this comes as part of an environmentally friendly initiative, dubbed ”Renewing the Murphysboro Community Through Green Energy Jobs”, which Solar Alliance is spearheading together with the city of Murphysboro.

Furthermore, the Solar Alliance press release notes that the Vancouver-based firm has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with an unnamed ”top-tier solar panel manufacturer”, which will be Solar Alliance’s development partner in a number of upcoming solar-powered cryptocurrency mining facilities, indicating that Solar Alliance is looking to establish more of these operations outside of this first project in Murphysboro.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Solar Alliance also has William Shatner, of Star Trek fame, as its spokesperson. The actor is a self-described ”renewable energy advocate”, and has commented on the recent Murphysboro venture. Shatner stated that he is proud to be a part of an organization that is ”powering the digital currency revolution”. Moreover, Shatner went on to heap praise over the transparency and speed of cryptocurrencies and the technology on which it is based

He also argued how the use of solar power can be a fiscally sound course of action, as cryptocurrency mining requires a substantial amount of energy. He also stated that ”the combination of solar and cryptocurrency mining facilities represents meaningful change”, which echoes the sentiment of Solar Alliance CEO Jason Bak.

Solar Alliance is reportedly looking to rent out space in the facility to cryptocurrency mining tenants. The initiative has also received praise from the mayor of Murphysboro, Will Stevens, who called it ”a wonderful opportunity for Murphysboro”. Notably, this move comes as many have raised concern over the potential environmental impacts of cryptocurrency mining.

While it is unclear what actual impact cryptocurrency has on the environment is unclear, it is true that the mining process is indeed power-intensive. It remains to be seen how things unfold at the Illinois warehouse, however, Solar Alliance’s Memorandum of Understanding would hint that the company is exploring the option of establishing more solar-powered cryptocurrency mining operations.

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