Steve Wozniak Sold His Bitcoin at Its Peak $20,000 Valuation

Steve Wozniak Sold His Bitcoin at Its Peak $20,000 Valuation

Steve Wozniak, best known for co-founding the consumer electronics giant Apple, has notoriously dabbled with cryptocurrencies. Although he has lately changed his position on virtual currencies from a skeptical one to a more bullish stance, he was reportedly an early Bitcoin adopter.

Wozniak sold all of his Bitcoin at around $20,000

However, Wozniak has now revealed that he has sold all of his Bitcoin holdings. The impressive part? It would appear Wozniak managed to sell his Bitcoin at the currency’s peak valuation around $20,000.

This news came at a recent conference in Stockholm, Sweden dubbed the Nordic Business Forum.

Specifically, Wozniak said that he purchased his first amount of Bitcoin at a price level of around $700. Supposedly, Wozniak initially invested in the cryptocurrency backyard he wanted to “experiment” with the asset class.

Moreover, the Apple co-founder also outlined what he eventually wanted to do with his Bitcoin to prove its practicality.

“My goal was to travel to a place like Stockholm, and go to restaurants and hotels that only accept bitcoin, and only use bitcoin when I travel,” he said to Business Insider Nordic.

Nevertheless, it would seem that Wozniak has now liquidated all of his Bitcoin holdings, although he remains bullish on cryptocurrency as a whole. In fact, it would seem that he managed to sell his Bitcoin at the cryptocurrency’s peak valuation.

Wozniak’s interest in cryptocurrency was never financially motivated

“When it shot up high, I said I don’t want to be one of those people who watches and watches it and cares about the number. I don’t want that kind of care in my life,” Wozniak noted. “Part of my happiness is not to have worries, so I sold it all and just got rid of it.”

Moreover, Wozniak also said that his primary motivation regarding his cryptocurrency holdings have always been more philosophical than financially motivated. Specifically, Wozniak said that he had “never” been interested in money for its own sake.

As such, Wozniak noted, he has “never used Apple’s Stocks app[lication]” because of his disinterest in traditional stocks. In June of last year, however, Wozniak argued that Bitcoin was akin to “digital gold” due to the asset class’ intrinsic capabilities and characteristics.

Furthermore, even though Wozniak has apparently liquidated his Bitcoin holdings, he has previously backtracked his comments that the interest surrounding blockchain technology would resemble that of the dotcom bubble.

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