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EOS dApp Used Blockchain Backdoor To Remove Tokens From User's Wallets Without Their Consent
Weekly Report
Cryptocurrency Market Regain Momentum, Has The Bottom Been Reached?
The past week saw the cryptocurrency market recuperate some of the losses incurred during the drastic drop last Wednesday. Moreover, this comes as the fund manager turned cryptocurrency evangelic Michael Novogratz has suggested that the ”bottom has been reached” in cryptocurrencies, indicating that the markets are about to rebound. Whilst it is always hard to definitively predict how the cryptocurrency market and investor sentiment will develop, one could indeed make a…
Bitcoin Price Drops Against Turkish Lira as actions are taken to Calm Investors
The Turkish Lira has been a hot topic during the recent weeks. Even though, Fiat-Currencies are supposed to be stable against Bitcoin. This is not always the case. By looking at a chart of US dollar to Turkish Lira, you can see that between 9th of July to 13th of August, US Dollar gained 50% in value compared to the Lira. The increase represents a huge move and is similar…