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Ukraine Announces Plan to Legalize Cryptocurrencies, Will ”Create Understandable Conditions”
Ukraine is one of many countries in which cryptocurrencies are in murky regulatory waters. Now it looks as if this might soon change, as Ukrainian news outlets are reporting that state officials are looking to legalize cryptocurrencies by 2021. The news that Ukraine is looking to more accurately define and regulate cryptocurrencies was also corroborated by the nation’s state information and news outlet ”Ukrinform” on October 26. According to the…
The Head of the Well-known Scam BitConnect Finally Arrested
Living Bitconnect Meme Carlos Matos Seemingly Attacks Bitcoin, Calls It ”A Scam” and Says to ”Sell Everything”
You would have to have been living under a rock for the past year to be unaware of Carlos Matos. Matos became the de facto face of the supposed ”high-yield investment program” Bitconnect when his spectacular appearance at a Thai Bitconnect gala went viral in 2017. Matos’ unforgettable presentation has subsequently been thoroughly ingrained in popular culture. He has since become a staple meme, and was prominently featured by John…
”Leading Global Bitcoin Exchange” OKEx Will Delist More Than 50 Trading Pairs Next Week
The cryptocurrency exchange OKEx is set to significantly reduce the number of cryptocurrency trading pairs, according to a recent announcement. This change will take effect on October 31 at 6:00 AM CET. The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx labels itself as the ”leading global Bitcoin exchange” and will now delist 58 trading pairs due to ”weak liquidity and trading volume.” Furthermore, these more than 50 trading pairs are linked to…
FCC Chairman Brings up Blockchain, Mentions Need for New Regulations so New Technologies Will Not Be Disadvantaged
Many cryptocurrency and blockchain supporters have long lambasted governments and regulators across the world for a lack of flexibility to work with new and upcoming technologies. The chairman of the American telecom regulator, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Ajit Pai has now stated that the US should not ”disadvantage” emerging technologies, such as blockchain technology, through holding on to outdated and firm regulations and rules. These comments were made…