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Cobinhood Founders Raise $20 Million for Blockchain That Processes 1 Million Transactions Per Second
The cryptocurrency exchange Cobinhood’s founders raise $20 million for the development of a new blockchain that is expected to perform 1 million transactions per second. That would be huge given that Bitcoin only can perform ten transactions per second, Ethereum 15 and even VISA can “only” perform 23,000 per second. They are all outperformed in comparison.  Cobinhood launched at the end of 2017 and is a platform with zero-transaction fees.…
Crypto Exchange Leaks Customer Private Information Putting $620K at Risk
Decentralized Crypto Exchange AirSwap Launches OTC Market to ‘Unlock New World of Liquidity’
AirSwap, the decentralised exchange, is launching the framework for OTC (Over The Counter) trading products for their mainnet rollout. The new feature is only going to be available to a private beta group on August 15, according to the company.  AirSwap token (AST) was founded in 2017 by Micheal Oved and Don Mosites. The AirSwap token is the membership token of the exchange. Their vision is that you should be…
Bitcoin Cash Fork Renamed ”Bitcoin Core” Seemingly To Cause Maximum Confusion
UK Exchange Launches First FCA-Regulated Bitcoin Cash Futures Contracts
The cryptocurrency exchange, Crypto Facilities that is based in the UK, has announced the launch of the first Bitcoin Cash/US Dollar (BCH/USD) futures. FCA – Federal Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates Crypto Facilities, and Bitcoin Cash became a new crypto-based product at 4 pm, UK time, yesterday.   It is not surprising that the United Kingdom is the first country to introduce Bitcoin Cash futures. A report, covered by Toshi Times…
ZEGO Begins Using Blockchain to Trace and Detect Deadly Cancer-Related Chemical
Blockchain industry observers often recommend not merely focusing on cryptocurrencies, and rather stress the significant potential held by the blockchain to dramatically reshape virtually all industries. Now, it looks as if blockchain could prove a vital part in limiting the spread of a deadly chemical tied to the agricultural bio-tech behemoth Monsanto. More specifically, the food safety firm ZEGO recently issued a press release that it will begin using an…
Cryptocurrency investor files a $240 million lawsuit against AT&T for negligence
“What AT&T did was like a hotel giving a thief with a fake ID a room key and a key to the room safe to steal jewellery in the safe from the rightful owner.” says high-profile cryptocurrency investor, Michael Terpin, in a lawsuit against the telecommunications giant. The lawsuit claims that the security and privacy measures taken by the mobile carrier are illusionary, ‘a veritable modern-day Maginot line’. Terpin accuses…
Venezuela Will Finance Construction of Villas for the Homeless with Cryptocurrency Petro
Venezuela Promotes Petro Crypto to ”Official Alternate Currency” to Fight Inflation
It is no secret that Venezuela has been suffering increasing economic hardship during the past few years. Toshi Times has previously covered the dire situation in the nation, and how cryptocurrencies have presented a successful measure against fighting the raging inflation. Now it seems as if the Venezuelan government, headed by the controversial President Nicolás Maduro, will go all-out on cryptocurrency to help the country escape the downward economic spiral…
Bail yourself out of Jail with Bitcoin (BTC)
In a case in San Francisco, California in the United States a criminal was ordered to pay the bail amount in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. The new order of payment might lead to being a precedent for other cases using Cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. The bail will be paid by a 25-year-old Serbian and Italian national living in Udine, Italy named Martin Marsich. He was caught for hacking the…
Binance’s CEO Brushes Away the Bitcoin Price Drop Panic
Binance Getting Closer to European Clients
Lichtenstein Cryptoasset Exchange (LCX) and Binance announced that they are setting up a new Fiat-cryptoexchange that will offer trading in Swiss francs and Euro for European investors.  There is a lot of news circulating about Binance during the recent months and weeks. They back the worlds first decentralised bank with funds, a Maltese bank that is looking to give blockchain and cryptocurrency firms access to bank accounts. A few months…
BlockShow Americas 2018: Last chance to get involved
We hope you are ready for the next upcoming event. Everything is prepared, the long-awaited date is near, and you can be part of one of the most important events in the history of blockchain. BlockShow Americas is coming and will be held at the Venetian this August 20th to 21st. BlockShow Americas rendezvous will bring together panellists around the world to tell us about the promising future of Blockchain.…
Marijuana Company High Times Backtracks on Accepting Bitcoin in IPO
The company High Times Holding, the New York flagship media outlet of the marijuana culture, has now decided against accepting Bitcoin in its Initial Public Offering (IPO), according to a filing with the Security Exchange Commision (SEC) on the 13th of August.  A few weeks ago Toshi Times announced that High Times would accept Bitcoin in their IPO. That would have made the company the first to accept digital assets…