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Tom Lee Predicts $20,000 Bitcoin in 2018, Says Emerging Markets and Weakened US Dollar Are Crucial
Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Predicts Ethereum to Surge to $1,900 by Late 2019
The current lack of major cryptocurrency market movement would not seem to have deterred analysts from making spectacular price forecasts. Most recently, Fundstrat’s Head of Research, Tom Lee, has made the rounds with a fresh bullish prediction for Ethereum. Specifically, Bloomberg reports that Lee supposedly believes that Ethereum is about to see a ”trend reversal”, and will subsequently ”rally strongly”. The perhaps most notable aspect of Lee’s prediction, however, is…
Cobinhood Founders Raise $20 Million for Blockchain That Processes 1 Million Transactions Per Second
The cryptocurrency exchange Cobinhood’s founders raise $20 million for the development of a new blockchain that is expected to perform 1 million transactions per second. That would be huge given that Bitcoin only can perform ten transactions per second, Ethereum 15 and even VISA can “only” perform 23,000 per second. They are all outperformed in comparison.  Cobinhood launched at the end of 2017 and is a platform with zero-transaction fees.…
Bail yourself out of Jail with Bitcoin (BTC)
In a case in San Francisco, California in the United States a criminal was ordered to pay the bail amount in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. The new order of payment might lead to being a precedent for other cases using Cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. The bail will be paid by a 25-year-old Serbian and Italian national living in Udine, Italy named Martin Marsich. He was caught for hacking the…